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What does de la vie mean?


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"From life", in French.


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I think you mean "l'homme de ma vie" : the men of my life

If you want to know what it means, its that's life. c'est la vie isn't far from de la vie, or from life.

end of the life (literally)

The duration of La Vie de Jésus is 1.6 hours.

Les Fils de la vie et de la mort was created in 2007.

la joie de vie - the joy of life

The duration of Les Fils de la vie et de la mort is 360.0 seconds.

Commant va la vie de ton côté ? means "how is life for you / on your side?" in French.

"maison de la vie" measn "house (or home) of Life" in French.

C'est le premier jour de la plus de votre vie in French means "this is the first day of more of your life."

It is French for That's life. Close to De la vie, which means from life, if my french is correct. c'est la vie = that's life u got it frm that song day ya??

the something ? about life

C'est la vie [French] = such is life.

The duration of La vie heureuse de Léopold Z is 1.13 hours.

"La vie". Use in a sentence: J'aime la vie!/I enjoy life! La vie est bon/life is good Je n'ai pas de vie/I don't have a life. And much more! Enjoy your life is 'Profites de la vie!' in french

Never in (this) life. It is a way of saying 'no', or expressing disagreement.

La Vie Boheme is French for 'the Bohemian life'.

The cast of Miroir de la vie et de la mort - 1985 includes: Michel Garneau as Narrator

La Vie de Bohème - album - was created on 1969-12-21.

La vie est belle - life is rosy

la = the (feminine) ; le = the (masculin) vie = life dans = in

hooray for life - to love life

Joie de la vie in French means "joy of life" in English.

l'amour de me vie - the love of my life

Life, the life, C'est la vie translates to "that's life"

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