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Tartrated means containing tartar. Tartar is a white crystalline salt KHC4H4O6 found in grapes. So "detartrated" means having the tartar removed, usually in reference to grapes or wine.

There is another meaning, however, suggested by a 1968 paper in Google Scholar entitled "The technique of detartration and curettage in the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases." Yes, removal of tartar from teeth is detartration. Therefore, every time the dentist cleans our teeth, we have been detartrated!


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What is a long palindrome?

kinnikinnik, detartrated

What is the longest palidrome word?

detartrated, kinnikinnik

Longest word that can be spelled backward and forward?


Longest word that can be spelled forwards and backwards?


What is the longest word that is spelled the same backwards and forwards?


What are words that when you spell them backwards there the same words?

A palindrome (: example: detartrated

What is the word you can spell the same forward and backwards and is the longest spelled word in the English dictionary?


What are some 6-letter or more palindromes?

Hannah, redder, rotavator, rotator, reviver, repaper, deified, detartrated, tattarrattat, Malayalam

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A word that is the same forward and back is called a palindrome. Examples of palindromes include racecar, mom, and detartrated.

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words like: sentences: murder for a jar of red rum RACECAR DEED LEVEL PIP ROTOR CIVIC POP MADAM EYE NUN RADAR kayak hannah testset diefied rotator repaper redivider detartrated

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Race car eye And there is some more words that can be spelled backwards and forwards: Detartrated kayak radar noon level Hannah sagas re-divider reviver repaper Denned pup pop These are call Palindromes......................short ones and those are the ones i can think of

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1. some examples are as follows : NOON MALAYALAM EVITATIVE DETARTRATED 2. Some palindromic names : Mary Belle Byram Yreka Bakery 3. Some palindromic sentences : Dennis and Edna sinned Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus Ma is a nun as I am **************************************************** No devils lived on. A man, a plan, a canal Panama.

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Refer to the 'related links' for more palindrome lists.Single-word palindromes:Racecar, Radar, Detartrated, Madam, noon, kayak, solosPalindromic phrases:Rats live on no evil starStep on no petsRise to vote, sirNurses runAble was I ere I saw ElbaSomething is odd do sign IhtemosNames:Hannah, Otto, Eve, Bob, Elle, VivTitles:Aga, Shahs, Madam, Ma'am, Mom, DadNumeric strings:1, 44, 8338, 13431, 53788735level levelOtherRacecarDadMomAhaKayakIRedividerSolosDetartratedBobDvdMa'amDennedDewedDudDidTatTitTootTutLevelKookSeesSexesNunPeepPepStatsSisBubDeleveledReviver

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Palindromes likeAibohphobiaalulacammaccivicdeifieddeleveleddetartrateddevoveddewedevitativeHannahkayakkinnikinniklemellevelmadamMalayalamMomminimmurdrumpeeweepracecarradarredderreferreifierrepaperreviverrotatorrotavatorrotorsagassolossexesstatstenetterrettestset

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