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What does dudet mean?

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A dudette is an ingrown hair on an elephant, or a cool female (dudes and dudettes).

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Does dudet mean ingrown hair on an elephants butt?

yes it does.

What is a dudet?

a dudet is a rotten hair on a elephants butt

What is the meaning dudet?

'Dudet' is not a word in English language. - I suspect it is some kind of teenage slang.

What is the antonym of dude?

i think its Dudet

What are the names of mollusks?

Beatrice ,sammy,dudet,jayburt!

Where do meat pies originate from?

Australia dude or dudet

Were is route 103 in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in pallet dudet town

How do you beat crazy gaget on hard?

it is impossible dude/dudet

What is a dudet called?

a guy that fells horny like me:D

What is another name for person?

Dude, dudetThingSomeoneYou

Who was Alexander Graham Bell marred to?

some random dudet

What if your out of things to talk about What next?

that's your problem dude/dudet!

I cant find something on youtube?

keep on lookin dude/dudet

If saliva comes out in a UA what does it come out as?

Really Really Dude/dudet Come on.

Is there a code to get a shiny Dialga?

you'll need an Action Replay Dude/Dudet

What is under the radiator on the passenger side of a 1996 cadillac?

a water pump dude....or dudet

What is a dudit?

That's what you call a girl. instead OS saying 'dude', you say 'dudet'

Do you have to call girls dudets instead of dude?

It depends if they don't like being called dude that's ok but dudet if don't the want. Dudet because dude is stupid. Call your boyfriend that. He'll like that name, because he's a girl

Where is the match for sensei's fiery quest?

cheats are everywhere look up google dude or dudet

How many years does it take to travel to Uranus by Car?

Dude or dudet that's a great question

In which state are the Everglades located?

The everglades are located in south Florida

If the earth is round how do people on the opposite end to us stay upright?

simple: gravity :) ~Drama Dudet

How does a theatre production company operate?

they work in weird ways you wouldn't want to know dude/dudet

Can you download an ISO of a PSP game and use Swap Magic to play it on my PS2?

i am sorry dud or dudet but no

How much does the Gait 803 Ice Attack lacrosse shaft weigh?

4.9 oz Dude/Dudet

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