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Eerily means in a strange, unearthly way.

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Q: What does eerily mean?
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What is the comparative and superlative form of eerily?

The comparative of eerily is eerier and the superlative for eerily is eeriest

What is another verb for eerily?

You mean adverb? "eerily" isn't a verb - that's something you do. Um, to answer your question, another word would be creepily, or something.

How can you use eerily in a sentence?

The lights shone eerily on the wall as she walked into the room.

Is there a sentence with the word eerily in it?

The young girl walked slowly into the eerily, dark and spooky forest.

What rhymes with wearily?


What part of speech is eerily?

The word eerily is an adverb. You can easily spot adverbs as they mostly end in the suffix -ly.

What is another word for eerily?


How do you use eerily in a sentence?

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What is the meaning of hauntingly?

The definition of the word haunting is " poignantly sentimental; enchantingly or eerily evocative"

Irish Gaelic for the word blood?

Fuil. Which is eerily similar to the word fuel. It is pronounced 'fwil'.

Can Florida panthers roar?

no, they can't roar but they can purr and make an eerily human like screams

What is an example sentence of canyon?

The coyote's howls echoed eerily through the canyon.

Who wrote the poem 'Eerily in Need of More Rum and Cokers'?

The poet Lawrence S. Pertillar wrote the poem Eerily in Need of More Rum and Cokers. One can view this poem on the Poem Hunters webpage, and many more poems are also located here by this author.

Names of some piano songs similar to Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai?

Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 is eerily similar

How do you use St. Elmo's fire in a sentence?

The St. Elmo's fire made the tips of the cattle's horns glow eerily.

What riots started the beginning of the gay rights movement?

The Stonewall rebellion which was eerily in synch with the funeral of actress Judy Garland, who was wildly popular with gays.

How do you spell erely?

The word sought may be one of these:early - previous in time, premature, or initial; (not late)eerily - strangely, oddly, especially in a scary way

What is the story of Jack's neck wound in Lost?

Jack's neck wound in the alternate "Lost" universe was eerily connected to a neck wound he sustained on the island in the series finale.

Where can you buy an official mickey mouse costume like the one they wear in Disneyland resort?

Unfortunately, there is no way to buy such a costume. There are very talented people out there that can make eerily accurate facsimiles, though.

Do geese cry at night?

Yes. Winter geese have taken up residence on the shore below my house. They cried softly albeit eerily for the better part of last night and I haven't a clue why.

What is a word starting with the letter E?

Elegant, easygoing, eccentric, edible, edition, eerie, elegantly, element, elements, eloquent, emergent, emerge, elephant, elephants, eerily, editions, emerging and many more.-Katniss

Didn't Tom Petty do low first then cracker?

No. The lead singer of Cracker is David Lowery who sounds eerily similar to Tom Petty when singing the song, "Low". This song was never performed by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers.

What did Lisa Lopes have on in her Casket?

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes's casket was engraved with her eerily morbid rap from TLC's smash hit 'Waterfalls'"Dreams are hopeless aspirations, in hopes of comin' true.. believe in yourself the rest is up to me and you"

Is a Chevy cobalt a Daewoo?

A "chevy colbalt" is a Chevrolet, but they are based on the same GM "global platform". The 2010's will definitely eerily rebadged. The Aveo is in the same boat along with various other GM products (sky, astra, etc).

Is the kookaburra endangered and what is it a bird?

No, the Kookaburra is not endangered. And yes, it is a bird. To be more specific, it is a terrestrial kingfisher native to Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is an iconic mascot for Australia, and is probably best known for its eerily human-like "laughing" call.