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One of my family members was hit by a driver who carried insurance but was an "excluded" driver on the policy of the car she was driving. After talking to the other person's insurance company, an excluded driver is essentially equivalent to an uninsured motorist. That means that his/her insurance company will not represent them and that, if they are liable for the accident, your insurance company can go after them personally for the damages.

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Q: What does excluded driver mean on policy?
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Can you drive a car if you are a excluded driver but you have your own insurance policy on a different car?

If you are excluded as a driver on a policy that means that no coverage for any type of claim will be paid on any vehicles on that policy. It also means that the insurance company will not pay for anyone else's damages caused by the excluded driver. Excluded mean no coverage at all.

Can a named insured be an excluded driver on an automobile liability policy in New Mexico?

A named insured person can be an excluded driver on an automobile liability policy in New Mexico, if the policy holder wishes to remove a driver from the policy. The policy holder will have to notify the insurance company to make the changes.

Who is responsible for a accidents costs the owner of the car or driver?

the accident is cover by insurance if the driver did not have insurance but the owner dose then it should cover for uninsured motorist if the driver was not a excluded driver of the vehicle a excluded driver is like a relative that lives the the policy holder but is not on the policy as a driver

Who is responsible when the driver of the vehicle was excluded from the insurance policy?

Car insurance typically follows the owner of the vehicle, not the driver. In the cae of an "excluded driver", unless that driver has his own policy that assumes coverage for a "borrowed" car, the original vehicle owner would be considered pursuable as an uninsured motorist.

Driver excluded on your policy but carries insurance on own car totals your car will either one pay?

If an excluded operator wrecks a car that is covered by the policy excluding that driver there is no coverage on that policy. Your only hope is in filing the claim with the company that insures the driver for his own car. It is possible that you won't be left holding the bag on this one but good advise is to not let an excluded person drive your vehicle.

If you loan your car to a friend and they wreck your car is your insurance responsible?

yes. plain and simple. you lent the car and then they are a permisable driver. As long as they are not n excluded driver or a resident in your house. It depends, if your policy is a named driver & the driver is not named, your policy will not respond. If your policy is a standard auto policy then yes, your policy will respond.

What is an excluded driver in Florida?

an excluded driver is someone who IS on the policy but does not drive very often so they are excluded from driving. Alot of parents do this for their kids in college. They show up as having insurance because they are on the policy, but the parents dont get charged an arm and a leg for having them on the policyThat's WrongAn Excluded Driver is SPECIFICALLY NOT on the policy and there is NO INSURANCE if he is driving when involved in an accident. If a member of your family is named as an excluded driver, do not let them drive! In Florida, auto insurance consumers are allowed to "exclude" certain drivers from coverage under their insurance policy. This usually results in a lower premium. It also facilitates purchasing insurance as many insurers will not accept certain types of drivers. The purchaser ("insured") completes a form stating that they wish to exclude a certain driver(s) [sometimes this is part of the application for insurance and sometimes by a separate document] and the insurance company issues an insurance endorsement (additional form to the policy) that states, in essence, we do not provide coverage for the excluded driver. In Florida, an insurer cannot deny coverage for PIP or Property Damage up to $10,000 even if the driver is excluded as these are mandatory coverages.

Is your son in law who lives with you covered for an auto accident injury to him by someone else?

Perhaps. Do you have him listed on the policy as required as a driver. If he lives in your household your policy probably requires you to have him listed as a driver or excluded.

Husband has accident with my car and he's on the insurance exclusion list?

When ever a driver is excluded on a policy, the insurance company will not pay out on any claims when that person is driving. Hes excluded, he has absolutely no coverage with your insurance. If he has his own policy with a different company, he will be covered. So in general when a driver is excluded, their is no insurance coverage. Its like he was driving without insurance.

Can a teenager drive their parents car when their not on their parents policy?

In OKlahoma all licensed drivers in the household must be listed as a driver or listed as an excluded driver for the policy to be valid. Anything else would result in a fraudilent policy and may get cancelled.

Is there a Grace period for California for adding teen driver?

No there is no grace period, you bare ether included in a policy or you are excluded.

Does insurance cover the vehicle if the driver does not have a valid license?

It all depends on the policy. If the unlicensed driver is a named insured and the policy is active then they will be covered. If the unlicensed driver is excluded from coverage then naturally there is no coverage for them. If the unlicensed driver is not a named insured and also not excluded, Then technically they still are not a covered driver, although, coverege may still apply under the owners auto policy depending on the circumstances of any accident and the owners liability under permissive use rules if the vehicle owner allowed an unlicensed driver to operate the vehicle.

Can a named insured be an excluded driver on an automobile liability insurance policy in Arizona?

Yes as long as the named insured is not a spouse, or if the spouse does not drive and does not have a drivers license the spouse can also be excluded.

Can a named driver still drive on a banned drivers insurance policy?

Yes, most states allow drivers to be excluded.

What if an excluded driver has an accident in your car in Michigan?

If an excluded driver is driving any vehicles on said policy there is effectively no coverage. This means no liability/property damage/collision. The driver is At Fault in the accident regardless of circumstances. They are responsible for 100% of damages, medical and property even in a No-Fault state. They will also be required to file an FR 22 for a period of years. It will cost a minimum of thousands of dollars for the excluded driver and the insured. Example: Excluded driver is involved in a collision with a teenage driver who runs a stop sign. The teenage driver needs to be hospitalized and cared for due to intensive medical problems. The parents of the driver sue the excluded driver and the owner of the vehicle for all medical costs. $300,000. -Insurance Agent P&C

How do you get insurance if a parent who has no license buys your car?

Progressive Insurance can write a policy for you and your parent, but the parent is excluded as a driver because they do not have a license.

Will your insurance pay if a non-licensed driver was driving a vehicle under your policy and was involved in an accident?

It basically just depend son your insurance policy. If you have standard policy and the driver was not excluded then you likely have coverage, if you purchased a more economical but limited policy, (AKA Named Driver policy) then it may not be covered. Best advise is to simply contact your insurer to ask if the non-licensed driver will be covered or not.

What happens if an excluded driver on your insurance policy cause an accident but you let them drive?

The insurance company is not liable to pay out any damages that were caused in the accident and they cancel your policy. This means that the driver bears the full financial burden for the costs of the accident.

If you are driving with only a permit and a licensed driver is in the car next to you but the car is under your parent's insurance policy will an accident be covered by your parents insurance policy?

Yes, unless you are listed as an excluded driver. To be sure in the future have your parents add you to their policy. Provided you are 18 or younger, most companies will not charge you to be on your parents policy with just a permit.

Can named driver excluded in one policy continue to drive in any car?

IF a driver has been excluded on a policy, they are not allowed to drive any vehicles covered on the policy. If they do drive the vehicles, no coverage of any kind will be afforded for any claims arising out of their driving the car. Then he will also get a ticket for driving without insurance because he has no insurance when he is the driver. No coverage at all for anyone including the other party that he hits will be paid. The policyholder has signed a legally binding statement to this affect and that he knows that this is the case and agrees with it.

What does it mean when someone is excluded from an auto insurance policy?

By excluding a person from an auto insurance policy, you are stating that the "excluded" person will not drive the insured vehicle, and that you understand that the "excluded" person is not covered by your insurance in the case of any traffic violation (accident, ticket, etc.). It means there is no coverage available to the excluded person in the case of an accident while driving the said vehicle. There will be NO COVERAGE.

Will the driver's insurance pay if the owner of vehicle gave him permission and he totaled the vehicle and the owner was injured and hospitalized and the driver was also arrested for DWI?

This Depends on the type of insurance policy. A standard Auto Insurance Policy will most likely pay for permissive use so long as the driver was not excluded from the owners policy, and was not committing a felony at the time of the accident. If the Owner has a Named Driver Policy ( AKA: Drivers Policy, Non - Owners or an Operaters Policy ) then it will likely NOT pay for the drivers accident as it only covers the driver named on the policy. It will probably pay, then promptly cancel. Getting insurance just became very expensive.

Does your foreign wife need to be added as a driver to your auto insurance?

All members of the household need to be listed on the policy, if she is not licensed then she will need to be listed but excluded.

Can you get car insurance for your car without a license?

Some companies will allow the named insured to be excluded as a driver. Remember that an exclusion means that you will not be allowed to drive the vehicle and if you do then there is no coverage at all if a claim occurs. You will also have to have anyone who is going to drive the vehicle listed on the policy as a driver. You can't have a policy without a driver listed on it.

How do you get insurance when one spouse has DUIs and a suspended license and the other has a clean driving record?

Excluded High Risk DriversYou can exclude the spouse with the bad driving record from the policy. Since their license is suspended they can't drive anyway. Be careful of the excluded driver option, however. With an excluded driver endorsement, there is NEVER any coverage for the excluded driver -- EVER. Sounds pretty obvious until that person gets behind the wheel and wipes out a busload of nuns. Interestingly, people tend to forget all about being an excluded driver under those circumstances.hahaaa where we live there is no public transportation. I got excluded driver ins. but i am not comfortable with it but the payments for other insurance is over my head at the time being. thank you for your advice on this question.