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Bubbly or airy. Like the bubbles you get when you pour beer or pop into a glass.

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Q: What does frothy mean?
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What does frothy mean in cooking?

"Frothy" means a slight foam has appeared at the top of the liquid you are whipping or beating.

What does it mean when an animals mouth is frothy?

It's meant to mean that they have rabies. Some dogs just get frothy mouths when the run around a lot.

What the hell does frothy eloquence mean in the Missouri State Speech?

Frothy eloquence refers to light and entertaining statements that offer little substance.

What is frothy water diarrhea?

It's diarrhea that is frothy and watery.

What is frothy cream?

frothy cream is cream that becomes frothy because it does not contain any air bubbles. this happens if you whish the cream until it becomes frothy so that there are no air bubbles

Why is whipped cream frothy?

It Is frothy because Zack Orrantia says so!

What does it mean when your dog vomits something clear and frothy?

When your dog vomits up something that is clear and frothy it means he or she has ate something that doesn't agree with its stomach. Most dogs vomit after eating grass.

What are Frothy volcanic rock are called?

Pumice is a frothy, bubbly, light volcanic rock.

What does shakespeare mean by the word frothy?

He only uses it once, in Venus and Adonis: "Whose frothy mouth, bepainted all with red, Like milk and blood being mingled both together," As you can see from the context, it meant the same to him as it does to you.

Why is urine frothy?

It can be frothy due to protein leakage from the kidneys. Best to call your Dr. or preferably a Nephrologist right away.

Is it normal to have bubbles on auto transmission dipstick tip or does it mean there is a leak?

Bubbles mean that you have overfilled it with transmission fluid. It churn up the fluid and becomes frothy.

What is the water called at the front of ship?

Possibly you mean the 'bow wave' - the frothy water thrown up at the bow (front) of the ship.

How can get most productive spume?

Spume is a frothy bunch of bubbles, the question makes no sense in the sexual health context. did you mean sperm?

A light frothy extrusive rock?


Soapy water specially when frothy?


What kind of texture do pumice have?

A frothy texture.

White frothy oil in your 1989 Cherokee Laredo?

sounds like you have water in your oil. it could mean you a cracked block or cylinder head

What are pumice stones made of?

Frothy volcanic glass.

What is Another word for make light and frothy?


Frothy volcanic rock formed by expanding?


What is frothy water called at the aft of a ship?

The wake

What color is the sputum in pulmonary edema?

Frothy Pink

Why is my saliva sometimes frothy and white?

it depends on whether your sick or not.

What is a light glassy rock formed from frothy lava?


What is the solid form of lava that is so frothy with gas when it reaches the surface?

Pumice is volcanic rock formed from frothy lava. It will usually float on water because of all the gas bubbles in it.