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What does g25 pscl written inside a ring mean?


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it is not g25, it is actually .925, as in .925 silver (92.5% pure silver).


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PSCL is an jewelry company out of Dublin, Ireland. The 925, you may find upsetting on a 'platinum' ring, as 925 is the designation for sterling silver (having a 92.5% silver content). To take the disappointment level down one more level I believe "PSCL" is short for silver clad or silver plated. Meaning not even solid sterling. PSCL doesn't mean clad or plated. If it says 925 it cannot be clad or plated. PSCL is the name of the designer or manufacturer.

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It may mean that the ring is made of sterling silver.

More than likely it is the initial for the manufacturer of the ring.

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Stamped inside a ring, the JS initials and the 925 mean the initials of the manufacturer and the karat of the ring. A ring that says 925 means that the ring has 925 karats.

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