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George becomes angry with him when he finds lice spray near his bed, but the old man reassures him the bed is clean.

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What does george find in the box by his bed in of mice and men?

George finds flea powder in the box by his bed. This leads him to assume that the bunk was dirty and the person who was there before him had fleas.

What does george find in the box by his bed?

a can of lice spray

How do you find battery in crimson room?

There is only one battery to find and it is at the foot of the bed, the other battery is in the red box.

What is sommier?

It is a Box bed

Do you need a slat base with a bed frame if the bed has box springs?

There should always be a few slats placed accross the bed frame before putting your box spring on. They are supports to your box spring.

Why wont my Pet mouse will not go in bed box?

it probably doesn't like the "bed box" and prefers to sleep else where.

How do i find a bedskirt for a low profile box spring Is there any such thing and where would i find it?

You can find low profile bed skirts at the linenscurtains website in the bedskirts category.

What was the original purpose of using a bed skirt on a queen bed?

Bed skirts are originally used to avoid exposing the sides of the box spring. The purpose of hiding the box spring, is so that the queen bed appears to be more stylish and polish. The box spring is used to dock the bed mattress, it is usually made out of wooden materials.

Instructions for a metal futon bunk bed?

The instructions for how to build a metal futon bunk bed are on the box that it comes in. If you have lost the box you can contact the maker of that specific bed for specific instructions.

What was in the box on Percy Jackson's bed?

The object inside the box under Percy's bed was Medusa's head that is why Percy's mom was freaking out.

How long is the long box on an 89 Toyota reg cab 4x4?

I believe they came with a 7' box. They called it a long bed because it was longer than the short bed. It is not a full 8' bed or a real "long bed".

Where can you find 8 inch candles?

Craft stores such as Michaels or a candle shop such as Yankee Candle. You can also try Bed Bath and Beyond or even Amazon.You can find them in a lot of big box stores like Walmart, in many card and party stores, and bed and bath type stores.

How can one make a pallet box for a king size platform bed?

One can make a pallet box for a king size platform bed by following these steps; remove the mattress and box spring from one's bed frame, lay the bed frame on its side, position one pallet on its side, with one open end facing toward the bed, slide the open end of the pallet over the legs of the bed frame, repeats steps three and four, turn your bed back upright and slide the platform bed.

Where do you find Pepper Cherry on Professor Layton and Pandora's Box?

Answer puzzle 89, Flower Bed Fun and receive Peppercherry tea ingredient.

Bed box spring float in water can it?

We tried it. It does.

What is the name of the bottom mattress of a bed?

Box Spring

Can a duvet hide a bad box spring?

It really depends on the size of your bed. If you have a full or queen size bed a king size or Cal King duvet cover might be able to cover the box spring. I recommend getting a bed skirt which will fully cover the the box spring.

Will 2 twin size bed box springs replace a queen size bed box spring?

They will not. A queen size bed is 60" x 80" and a twin size is 39" x 75" and an XL twin would be 39" x 80". Two XL twin box springs are what you would use for a king size bed.

Will a box off a 1989 Toyota fit a 1990?

By "box" do you mean bed? If so, yes it will.

Where do you find the Pepperberry Tea in Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box?

You will need to answer puzzle No 89, Flower Bed Fun, you will then receive Peppercherry Tea Ingredient.

What are the dimensions of a twin size bed box spring?


How big is a standard Chevy pickup box?

8 ft for the long bed and 6.5 ft for the short bed.

Where do you keep alien egg toys?

under your bed in a box.

Does a box spring and mattress need to be on a bed frame?

A box springs and mattress will last longer if they are on a bed frame. They can sit directly on the floor if desired however and be just fine and comfortable.

How do you put horse to sleep on howrse?

Go to your horses page and then click 'Put to bed' on the left. You can put it to bed in either the box or the meadow. I personaly think the box is better, but you can do what you want. ;)

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