What does gochisosama mean?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What does gochisosama mean?
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Japanese statement when you leave a restaurant?

Gochisosama deshita.

What are the words mentioned by Japanese after eating?

Gochisosama (Deshita) ...which means "thank you for the meal"

What Japan people say after they eat?

Japanese usually say "gochisosama" (which means "Thank you for the meal") after they eat.

How to say goodbye in Japanese when you are in dinner time with your family what should the host dothen can you give me some example please?

if you are at dinner with your host family, and you have finished are would like to go to your room. you would say,"gochisousama, oyasuminasai"gochisosama means "thank you for the meal", and should be said whether you liked it or not, andoyasuminasai means "good night"they will just respond "oyasuminasai"Go as in got, chi as in chisel, sou as in sow your seeds, sa as in sub, ma as in mammaoya as in lawyer, su as in sue, mi as in me

Osaki ni ita daki mas gochi so Sama--what does it say?

This is kind of rough to translate exactly, so let's think of it situationally: There's food being offered among a group of people, but no one has taken/eaten any yet. So, the first person to partake may say 'osaki ni itadakimasu.' This is more of a formal phrase; it's a way of apologizing for eating ahead of others, even if they have encouraged you to do so. Gochisosama is an after-meal phrase that is said to express gratitude for the food.

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