What does going viral mean in the internet world?

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Viral means becoming extremely popular in a very short amount of time. Often for something to be considered viral it needs to make its way into everyday non-internet life. Mark Moloney is considered by many to be imminently viral as a result of his many video antics recorded during a recent visit to India which have recently been posted on YouTube.
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Why do alcohol brands go for viral mechanism in marketing?

Answer . This is just an opinion, because there's no real answer to that question, but... I believe that alcohol brands resort to viral marketing because in most cases, they're attempting to launch a new product, or an old product with a new "spin" and the most receptive markets to that sort of ( Full Answer )

What does the phrase people make the world go 'round mean?

i think the meaning of that is without people earth would be just another planet, but with people its not and since its not it has its own time. When the world goes around its a day, and who says its a day, people. With out people the world wouldn't function on a day to day basis. Non of this would ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of Internet?

The meaning of internet is a vast number of networks connected in to a world via tcp/ip. INTERconnected NETworks

What does the term viral mean?

viral means pertaining to or caused by a virus It means spreading quickly over a short amount of time

What does it mean to go 'around the world' in a sexual way?

It means that you have slept with alot of people. Which if it was protected sex and you are mature enough, isn't neccesarily a bad thing. Around the World around the world could also be one very hard-looking position in sex. the girl is on her back and her vagina is near the end of the bed, the ( Full Answer )

What does 'Money makes the world go around' mean?

This quotation is from the musical play "Cabaret" that was written in the 1960's. It starred Joel Gray and Liza Minnelli, and was a bitter commentary on Berlin in the 1930's just before World War 2. This particular quotation is a song in this play. Since the play is dark and rather melancholy, This ( Full Answer )

What does the internet mean?

The internet is very useful in today's life because of being in atechnology life. The internet is a global network or system to havea computer network that is using the Internet protocol suitestandard to connect billion devices in the world. It also thefacilitator of the data transmission and exchan ( Full Answer )

What did going over the top mean in World War 1?

The phrase 'going over the top' - referred to the soldiers in thetrenches climbing out and up to flat ground, and advancing towardsthe enemy over 'no-mans land'. Attacking the enemy's trenches~APEX

What is mean of internet?

When you are on a Laptop/Computer it means you have a connection with your worlds you can chat (Windows Live Messenger) (Facebook) ...... Also people send you things and you can play games! Need More Detail, Just Ask.

The meaning of Internet?

A network based on standards including Internet Protocol (IP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and the Domain Name System (DNS), which enables global communications between all connected computing devices. It provides the platform for web services and the WorldWide Web.

What does it mean to go over the top in world war 1?

"Going over the top" is a reference to trench warfare. It is inevitable that in a true trench war that the enemies will need to face each other. Without direct conflict, the war becomes a stalemate, much as many battlefields of WWI became. Eventually one side or the other must attempt to "break out" ( Full Answer )

Does green phlegm mean there is a bacterial or viral infection?

It is usually an indicator of a bacterial infection, and would probably need to be treated with antibiotics so contact with your health care provider is the best idea. Although other types of pathogens such as fungi can also cause the phlegm to be greenish in color. Phlegm is another word for sputum ( Full Answer )

In HIV patients what does a viral load of 60 mean?

It means he is quite healthy. However he need to keep repeating his CD4 once in 3 months and viral load once in an year. For more details, contact freedom.helpline@gmail.com

What does make the world go round mean?

It is a phrase used to mean that whatever the subject is (people, money, love), that subject is responsible for keeping things moving smoothly and efficiently. For example, "Love makes the world go round" means that without love, your whole world would stop working well and you would feel horrible a ( Full Answer )

What does going viral mean?

"Going viral" can mean many things. Mostly, it usually means going public. As in, almost everyone.

How do you make a video go viral?

There are lots of different strategies that may aid in making a video go viral, but what it comes down to is the sheer number of views and shares. You want to start with the basics - have it posted where it can be seen. YouTube comes to mind, along with your Facebook page, website and Tweet about i ( Full Answer )

Can the psp go go on the internet?

Yes. A PSP-Go can access the internet via the internet browser. It also has Skype. However, don't expect it to be very fast ;) EDIT: Yes, he is right. Skype isn't very fast, they need to improve it. But the internet browser is ok if you don't care entirely about speed.

Internet in the world?

The Internet is meant for everybody to enjoy and it is all around the world u can get information if the world was without internet we will not no so many information in this world thnx

How many hits does it take for a video to go viral?

Whether a video is "viral" or not isn't really measured in hits. While there may be a correlation between the two, a viral video is really just a video that gets spread to a large number of people quickly. (Like a virus, get it?) Even by this standard there's no definite limit that makes a video cou ( Full Answer )

What does the world is going to end mean?

that the world just ceases HUMAN life due to an event equal to or greater than the Big Bang Theory . bam we are all inscinerated in a MILISECOND WE SHOULD just dance till the world ends!!!!!! lalalalalalalalalalalalal

What Place of Internet in today's world?

Today the world is totally dependent on a source and that is called Internet. The role of internet in these days is equivalent to the oxygen we take every second. The mentality and thinking of every individual is changing day by day with the change in technology. An individual takes help of Internet ( Full Answer )

What is the world without internet?

All I know is with out internet a lot of things could not be done, for example you couldn't ask this question right now or I could not answer it, if you want an a complete answer you should probably ask your mom or dad or grandpa or grandma, they probably were around when there were no laptops or co ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to go viral?

The term refers to a phenomenon characterized by mass dissemination of an item on the Internet or other media. It is called viral because of the similarity in which actual viruses are spread. Generally one person will show the object in question to his or her contact, who will then in turn show it t ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to go numb to the world?

The only time I've heard this is if someone has quit caring about what is happening in the world. Things may be going on all around them but they couldn't care any less. Usually it's bad when someone says this and you should pay attention to them to make sure they're okay.

Does acute viral syndrome mean you have an hiv virus?

I dont think so,if we had cold and immedietly check hiv test we are gonna be considered hiv positive.Anyone had virus in their own body in small quantity,i have read that actually hiv is doesnt even exist,but our immune system can showed that we had infected.Someone can be claimed hiv positive,if he ( Full Answer )

Is the internet the best thing in the world?

Internet is not actually the best thing in the world but it is actually a good medium to find best thing in the world. As people from the world are contributing in this web world and there fore one can find the best possible thing through this medium.

What does viral music video mean?

i am guessing like when it doesn't show all the bad stuff like a clean version but I'm sure you can find the dirty version for instance Travis porter make it rain it has a viral version and a dirty version so there is your answer any questions for me personally or comments go to my you tube page ask ( Full Answer )

How do you go on the Internet when you have the Internet?

find internet explorer Usually the path is c:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe when you right click it you can create a shortcut and drag it to the desktop open this and it will open the internet for you It might be a good idea to download a browser like firefox ,chrome or some other b ( Full Answer )

Does green flem mean bacterial or viral infection?

A lot of people get confused on this subject. Green actually means your body has been fighting off whatever you had, and now it's coming to an end. If it's yellow, your body is still fighting. If it is clear then your sickness has just begun.

What does viral video mean?

It means a wildly popular video. "Viral" is the adjective form of the noun "virus." Something that's viral is figuratively something that spread from person to person the way a virus spreads a sickness such as a cold or flu. Everyone sent the video to their friends until thousands or millions were w ( Full Answer )

Is hepatitis B viral or bacterial and what does it mean?

It is a viral disease that is caught, usually, through blood contact. It can be caught other ways, from needles, sexual contact, and saliva contact. If women who has Hepatitis B is giving birth, the baby can contract hep b through birth. Hepatitis B means that liver becomes inflamed. The illness usu ( Full Answer )

How do you go viral over the internet?

For something to become "viral" it must contain content delivered through social interaction that excites and engages others to repeat.

Does ring around moon mean that the world is going to end?

No, that is the moisture between you and the moon and the position of the moon. You see, a full moon that rises high in the sky makes us notice the shadows we cast, and the illumination of the ground. So, naturally, we look up at the moon. The reflected light of the moon is refracted passing throug ( Full Answer )

What do you mean by internet and internet address?

The URL (Uniform resource locator) indicates the location of a network resource (internet or large intranet), and forms part of an URI (uniform resource identifier). The reverse is not generally true. I Think what you are refering to is an IP address or DNS entry. This would be the address of web ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of a viral video?

A Viral Video is a video which gains viewings and notoriety rapidly as people share it and watch it repeatedly. There are many examples of viral videos now that youtube has come about on the internet as it allows people to share their videos easy and quickly.

When did the meme The Llama Song go viral?

The meme "The Llama song" went viral back in the year 2006. The song has since become a big hit with all types of individuals, going as far as appearing on lyrics websites.

Why do certain videos go viral?

They contain subject matter that is entertaining or applies to a lot of people. This might involve a famous celebrity, a popular joke, or a hot political issue.

What does viral mean on the internet?

It is used to say that something has spread rapidly, and is popular. I suppose the idea is that it is spreading like a virus - widely and rapidly.

Can you get paid for being on you tube or going viral?

You can get paid if companies begin to sponsor you if you have ahigh number of subscribers. Or if people donate to your channel ifthey are a fan of your work and want to help you keep makingvideos.