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What is the man flu?

The term “man flu” stems from the idea that men are prone to exaggerating the severity of their symptoms when experiencing the common cold or another minor ailment. Although the phrase is most often used in a tongue-in-cheek way, there may be some merit to the male whine. In 2017’s customarily playful (but still peer-reviewed) Christmas edition of The BMJ, professor Kyle Sue pointed to research suggesting that men are more susceptible to complications when suffering from an acute respiratory disease. They’re also more likely to go to the hospital and, unfortunately, succumb to the flu.

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What does rd en mean in text slang?

Rather die.

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What does SMH mean?

Most people accept one of two meanings for SMH. Some people say it means "Scratching My Head," but others say it means, "Shaking My Head."
Acronym for 'shake my head' or 'shaking my head.' Usually used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice. Sometimes it's modified to 'smfh' or 'smmfh' by those that prefer profanity in their internet acronyms.

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What is doomscrolling?

Doomscrolling is a relatively new term for when you're stuck scrolling through bad news on your phone—even though you might want to, you just can't look away.

The psychology behind this phenomenon is pretty simple. Part of it relates to the concept of automaticity—actions you do without your conscious mind acknowledging it, often divorced from the passage of time. Endless scrolling is one of those things. The other part is that the human brain is hardwired to prioritize things that scare us as well as information related to survival, and bad news often fits into both of those categories. Combine those two elements of human nature with the intentionally addictive designs of our electronics, and that makes doomscrolling all but inevitable.

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Is bbs text slang for babes?

No, it actually means 'Be Back Soon' ie.

User1: g2g bbs asap (Got to go be back soon, as soon as possibe)

User2: kk ttyl (okay talk to you later)

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Why do people use slang?

It is easy, and plus some people want to use slang so that their parents or anyone else doesn't know what they are talking about. It is the same with txt mssgng (text messaging) as people are so lazy that they cn't even use vwls anymore!

It is also indicative of a poor vocabulary and difficulty of sef-expresion. Slang has a place in social situations , but if you want a good job, learn and use proper English in the workplace.

I'm from Scotland. Slang is a part of our culture. most people who live in other countries we speak slang..we're really just speaking Scottish dialect to some extent, the majority of it is slang though.

>i agree i use slang alot and cuz off that its effctin my English im usin it now cuz im used to it but its come into everyday ppls lives and yes i will carry on usin it as a matter of habit tho i shudnt !!!!!

Also it is used by teenagers to act like they are cool! It draws attention to people and it is like another language which adults can't read or understand!
Bc they don't know how to say the right words!

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How do you make a new email address?

Go to email sites like G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo!. Then register.
Go to and click make account

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What are some fun slang words for children?

rugrats, ankle-biters, cubbies, rascals, Munchkins, nose-miners, whipper snappers, tykes, spawn, larvae......

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What does nc mean in text talk?

no comment i think

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Where did "F in the chat" come from?

Typing an F in the chat of a video game stream is a way to (often jokingly) pay tribute to a dead character or some other unfortunate thing that's befallen the player. It originated in 2014's Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, where, in a scene at a friend's funeral, players on the PC are prompted to hit the F key to pay their respects. Lots of people thought the forced action during a memorial service was a bit cringy, so "press F to pay respects" started getting used sarcastically, and it spread from there.

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What does cuff the slang word mean?

it means 2 be in fear of losin your boyfriend or gurl friend

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What does standard shipping means?

It usually means the cheapest and slowest way to ship such as parcel post.

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What is face bock?

it is noting


If you are refering to 'Facebook' then it is a social networking site used by many people to communicate and share their life's events/adventures with.

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What does it mean to have a bump on top of your right testicle?

go see your doctor! you could have a tumor or some other abnormal groth in your testicles. i am sorry if this has happened to you. life must suck for you and your partner if you even have one.

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What does WTF mean?

WTF is Internat slang for "What the f***?"

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What are all those short form words that teenagers use like lol brb ttyl?

They're mostly acronyms (taking the first letter of each word in a phrase to form a word or abbreviation); it's a type of shorthand.

lol= laughing out loud

bff= best friends forever

cya= see ya

kk= ok ok/ ok cool

k= ok

y= why

4= for

2= too/to

gtg= got to go

hbu= how bout you

u= you

ttyl= talk to you later



cyl= call you later/ see you later


np= no problem

brb= be right back

nvm= nevermind

rofl= rolling on floor laughing

rotfl= rolling on the floor laughing

smh= shaking my head

idc= I don't care

hm= how much

idk= I don't know

tyvm= thank you very much

gl= good luck

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What is dunno lol?

Internet language. Dunno means for "I don't know" and lol means "laughing out loud".

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What does SMH mean in txting?

Acronym for 'shake my head' or 'shaking my head.' Usually used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice. Sometimes it's modified to 'smfh' or 'smmfh' by those that prefer profanity in their internet acronyms.

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What are some cute emoticons?

You have your basic smiles like: :) :( ;) :D :P ;P I could list more if I had the time but here is a special one that only works on facebook (it makes a shark): (^^^)

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What does tab computer slang mean?

I would say computer slang (or text talk) is just to help us type fast, and have fun! here is a website with 'slang' words although many of these are rarely used.

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What does ghetto mean when it's describing someone?

It means someone has a very low class style or in your popularity level your shy and prefer not to be showy with make up and your clothing kind of like a rebel or tomboy (for a girl) it means that your not the talkiest person in your "group" but find it easy to stay invisible

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What does it mean when a girl ends a chat with xxxxx when you aren't dating?

it just means kisses....i almost always end my convos with xxx(: sometimes when the girl does this, it means she likes you and drops a hint...hope this helps!

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What does the number sign in front of words mean?

In online communication, the # sign indicates a "hashtag" which is mostly used in Twitter but its use is spreading to other sites due to the fact that it is understood among online participants. Basically it denotes the subject of the post in a shorthand fashion.

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You call English people pommies what do you call Americans?

English people are actually people from England so people from America would be called Americans!

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What does the slang COF mean?

If you mean slang as in internet slang, then it means "Certified Old Fart".


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