What does goliad mean in English?

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It is a city that had a battle named battle of Goliad. It has to do with history and the capture of Goliad :)

What is the goliad massacre?

The Goliad Campaign refers to a series of battles which occurred in 1836 as part of the Texas Revolution, which ultimately led to the Goliad

Why was Goliad important?

Because it was the execution of James Fannin and his soldiers and oer 6o men were killed and 200 were injured

What is the meaning for English?

It can mean many things, such as a nationality (England), a language, and even beer. Also, on the pool table it means a type of shooting technique to give an unusual spin an

What does A mean in English?

A means you are saying something to 1 person. For example: Can I have a ball? Means can I have 1 ball.

What does 'no' mean in English?

The same thing it means in Spanish--'no' (i.e, it means "Not in any degree or manner; not at all.") A negative response or statement.

What is the meaning of the Goliad Flag?

The meaning of the Goliad Flag has nothing to do with slavery, or "African" American history. It was a flag raised over the fortress of Goliad in Texas during the Texas Revolu

When was the massacre at goliad?

October 9th, of 1836! I know i am so right cause if you search up "When did the goliad massacre begin" then it would pop up as "October 9, 1836! so.....i know i am still cool!

What does Be do mean in English?

I think Be do is part of a Frank Sinatra song when he sang "Strangers in the night". There is a part where he finishes some verse and instead of humming he sings the words "do
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Who was in the Goliad Massacre?

Involved in the Goliad Massacre were the Mexican Army, acting under the orders of General and President Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana and soldiers of the Republic of Texas held p
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What happpened at Goliad?

This 1835 battle was fought during the Texas Revolution. There wasa massacre; Santa Ana's troops killed all prisoners.