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What does gsxr stand for?

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2007-08-20 20:59:43

GS - Gran Sport, used to indicate a road going Suzuki standard

motorcycle, the only model that still uses this designation in the

Suzuki line up is the GS500. XR - eXperimental Racing. Designation

added to GS for Suzukis road legal race replica motorcycles thereby

creating GSXR. There are additional suffixes added to the GS "road

going" moniker such as GSX (just Gran Sport eXperimental) for the

Katana motorcycles or GSF (the F stands for something in Japanese

that I can't remember but generally indicates a sporting but not

race replica trim) for the Bandit motorcycles. To be noted, the

Hayabusa is technically not a GSXR but some hybrid between the that

and the Katana given it's model moniker GSX1300R. Also to be noted,

Suzuki's non-road legal race bikes are coded as XR for just

eXperimental Racing.

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