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What does gsxr stand for?

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βˆ™ 2007-08-20 20:59:43

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GS - Gran Sport, used to indicate a road going Suzuki standard motorcycle, the only model that still uses this designation in the Suzuki line up is the GS500. XR - eXperimental Racing. Designation added to GS for Suzukis road legal race replica motorcycles thereby creating GSXR. There are additional suffixes added to the GS "road going" moniker such as GSX (just Gran Sport eXperimental) for the Katana motorcycles or GSF (the F stands for something in Japanese that I can't remember but generally indicates a sporting but not race replica trim) for the Bandit motorcycles. To be noted, the Hayabusa is technically not a GSXR but some hybrid between the that and the Katana given it's model moniker GSX1300R. Also to be noted, Suzuki's non-road legal race bikes are coded as XR for just eXperimental Racing.

2007-08-20 20:59:43
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Can you modify a 2007 gsxr motor in a 04 gsxr frame?

You cannot modify a 2007 GSXR motor in a 2004 GSXR frame.

What is wrong when a 1999 gsxr dies when you put it in gear?

the sensor for your side stand may not be working so it thinks the stand is down and cuts out as a safety feature.

How do you bypass the side stand switch on a 2006 suzuki gsxr 750?

cut both wires that run to the sensor and splice them together.

Which one is the better motorcycle gsxr 1000 or Yamaha r1?

Gsxr 750.

What is the top speed of 2003 GSXR-600?

i am not sure of the 2003 gsxr 600. but i have an 07' gsxr and i had mine to 171 on the highway in 6th gear.

Will 2001 gsxr 1000 fairing fit 2005 gsxr 1000?

No. The side fairings on 2001 and 2002 gsxr 1000s are unique to those 2 years.

Is the swing arm on a 1995 Suzuki GSXR 1100 the same as a 1995 Suzuki GSXR 750 GSXR?

yes it is as far as i know only thing is it is shorter

Will a 2000 GSXR 600 fairing kit fit a 1997 GSXR 600?

sure will

Will a carburetor for a gsxr 750 fit a gsxr 400?

how fast would it make the bike

Can you put a 09 gsxr 1000 engine in a 09 gsxr 600 frame?

No will not fit

Will a 2008 gsxr 750 motor fit in a 2007 gsxr 600 frame?


Will a 2002 gsxr 1000 motor fit on a 2004 gsxr 1000 frame?

yes it will

Would the transmission from a 04 gsxr 600 fit the 02 gsxr 600?


Are 1999 gsxr 750 motor parts interchangeable with 1997 gsxr motor parts?


Can a suzuki gsxr 1000 motor fit a 1998 gsxr frame?

Yes but its not worth the work

What size sprockets are needed for gsxr 600 k7?

what size sprockets are neede for a gsxr 600 k7

2001 gsxr 1000 top speed?

the top speed of a 2001 suzuki gsxr 1000 is 186 mph

What is the top speed of a 2007 suzuki gsxr 750?

Top speed of a 2007 gsxr 750 is 957 MPH....

What is the spark plug gap for a 1997 suzuki gsxr 750?

What is the spark plug gap for a 1996 suzuki gsxr 750?

Is 07 gsxr 600 front rotor the same size a one off a 05 gsxr 1000?

yes! they are the same

Gsxr 750 06 battery won't stay charge?

gsxr 750 06 battery wont stay charge

Will fairings for a 2000 gsxr 600 fit on a 1999 gsxr 600?

no.! 96 to 99 00 to 03 04 to 09

What is the top speed of a 2008 suzuki gsxr 600?

A standard Suzuki GSXR 600cc has been recorded at just over 170mph.

How much horsepower for a 2009 suzuki GSXR 750 cc?

Suzuki gsxr 750 cc 2009 edition has 127.5 hp

Does a 2006 gsxr 750 motor fit a 2003 gsxr 750 frame?

No it won't fit, totally different mount points