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Any illness with a significant raised WCC (white blood cell count) especially at an abnormal level like this, with other symptoms point to leukaemia. WCC, is raised in infection as well as inflammatory conditions, eg asrthritis. however, not as high as what would be seen in leukaemia


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Hematologists or Hematologists-Oncologists treat leukemia.

What does a white blood cell count of 41,000 mean in a 76-year old woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis

As leukemia is a type of cancer, it would be an oncologist.

chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant, both.

There are two phases of treatment for leukemia. The first phase is called induction therapy. The main aim of the treatment is to reduce the number of leukemic cells

eating healthy drink alot of milk and excersize, doctors often say

A doctor that specializes in blood, (Hematologist) Will examine the blood using a microscope and run tests. This doctor will then detect specific signs in the blood that point to Leukemia.

I had a friend who had leukemia and he went blind. I believe they said it was a result of the mediations but then they told him it was a result in optic nerve damage from the leukemia. So I'm not sure what actually caused it and I don't think the doctors knew either. Not sure of this helps.

From there parents or other people in the family tree. The Doctors realize it until later reactions occur.

The doctor does a bone marrow transplant which is when they transplant the stem cells are transplanted from a donar from a patient.

He has leukemia and is going o die within 30 days.

One can find information about leukemia treatment through books, websites, and doctors. Some popular medical websites to find information include WebMD and MayoClinic.

it depends. the average is 2-7 years. i know someone who has leukemia and has got diagnosed about 6 years ago. There is always hope. but that is the average time range that doctors will give you to live.

Fludarabine is normally used by patients suffering from leukemia, more specifically chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Fludarabine is usually administered through a drip or injection and is only available through a doctors prescription.

You really need to have your doctors sit down and EXPLAIN everything to you.

You should go get blood labs done at your doctors office. Bruising - especially on the legs - can be a sign of Leukemia. Don't panic, though, as it could also be a sign of much less dangerous things, such as an iron deficiency, sleeping problems, even a bad mattress.

No. massage is contraindicated due to the type of cancer it is. Doctors tell you sure. but they usually dont know what the effect of massage can have. when you massage a person who has leukemia, you are increasing blood flow. Thus stimulating a accelerated (faster) progression of the cancer.

Of course! God works in many ways - and especially in the skills and talents given to doctors and nurses.

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leukemoid reaction is exaggerated response to infection. leukemoid reaction is benign but its close resemblance to leukemia made it queit worrisome to doctors and needs to be investigated properly. Although qualified hematologist or oncologist usually consulted but generally in leukemoid reaction leukocyte alkaline phosphatase is elevated while its depressed in leukemia, peripheral blood smears show immature forms in leukemia not particularly in leukemoid reaction . By cytogenetics presence of philadelphia chromosome in chronic myelogenous leukemia differentiate it from leukemoid reaction in adults.

Yes! All doctors get alot of money especially anesthesiologists.

Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the body's bone marrow and causes an uncontrollable increase in white blood cells. It can often go undetected for years since patients choose to ignore symptoms such as fatigue. Fortunately, a simple routine blood test can reveal leukemia quickly so that doctors can begin to tailor a treatment plan. A symptom of leukemia often includes feeling weak or unusually tired. Patients often report that they feel especially tired due to the decrease in the number of red cells in the blood stream. This decrease in red blood cells prevents adequate amounts of oxygen from being delivered to the tissues and muscles. In addition, infections are frequent among leukemia patients due to the body's lack of healthy white blood cells. These types of infections include urinary tract infections, bladder infections, skin infections, lung infections and infections of the mouth and throat. Thirdly, unexplained fevers are another symptom of Leukemia. Leukemia cells can stimulate the brain to raise the body's temperature. Excessive bruising or abnormal bleeding can be another sign of Leukemia. Since Leukemia prevents the body's bone marrow from making enough blood platelets, cells cannot clump together to slow or stop bleeding. This can also lead to frequent nose bleeds, heavy menstrual bleeding and bleeding of the gums. Bone and joint pain can also be a sign of Leukemia, especially in areas where there is a large amount of bone marrow such as the pelvis and breastbone. In addition, Enlarged or swollen Lymph Nodes, also referred to as Leukemia cells can also by a symptom of Leukemia. Abdominal discomfort and swelling, including loss of appetite can be another sign of Leukemia. Lastly, headaches and other neurological symptoms can be a sign of Leukemia. Seizures, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and visual changes can also be causes for concern. While some people who have Leukemia may experience a vast array of symptoms, other patients experience none. Therefore, it is important to receive the appropriate medical tests to confirm a diagnosis of leukemia.

Leukemia, though generally found in children, can also be present in adults. Doctors do not know the exact cause but think it has something to do with blood cells mutating in the DNA.

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