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Any illness with a significant raised WCC (white blood cell count) especially at an abnormal level like this, with other symptoms point to leukaemia. WCC, is raised in infection as well as inflammatory conditions, eg asrthritis. however, not as high as what would be seen in leukaemia

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Q: What does having a white blood cell count of 41000 mean in a 65-year-old male especially if doctors are questioning leukemia?
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What do you call doctors who treat leukemia?

Hematologists or Hematologists-Oncologists treat leukemia.

What type of doctors specialize in leukemia?


What does Having a white blood cell count of 41000 mean in 54 year of old man if doctors are questioning leukemia?

What does a white blood cell count of 41,000 mean in a 76-year old woman with Rheumatoid Arthritis

What do you call the doctors for leukemai?

As leukemia is a type of cancer, it would be an oncologist.

How do doctors treat acute leukemia?

chemotherapy or a bone marrow transplant, both.

How do you avoid leukemia?

eating healthy drink alot of milk and excersize, doctors often say

How is leukemia treated by doctors?

There are two phases of treatment for leukemia. The first phase is called induction therapy. The main aim of the treatment is to reduce the number of leukemic cells

How do doctors know that you have leukemia?

A doctor that specializes in blood, (Hematologist) Will examine the blood using a microscope and run tests. This doctor will then detect specific signs in the blood that point to Leukemia.

Can you go blind if you have Leukemia?

I had a friend who had leukemia and he went blind. I believe they said it was a result of the mediations but then they told him it was a result in optic nerve damage from the leukemia. So I'm not sure what actually caused it and I don't think the doctors knew either. Not sure of this helps.

Why do children get Leukemia?

From there parents or other people in the family tree. The Doctors realize it until later reactions occur.

How do doctors diagnose leukemia?

The doctor does a bone marrow transplant which is when they transplant the stem cells are transplanted from a donar from a patient.

How does miss pross describe the doctors mental condition?

He has leukemia and is going o die within 30 days.

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