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it looks like your mom

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What do baby hippos look like?

a tiny bug

Are pygmy hippos vicious?

All hippos are vicious and extremely dangerous, they may not look like it but they can and will kill you if you aggravate it.

What are some of the Capybaras special traits?

they are the worlds biggest rodents and they look like hippos

Does jade look like a whale?

purple hippos lick your ear at night when your sleeping .

What hippos look like?

Hippos are very large animals. They have grey and tough skin. Their mouths are also very large. They have about four teeth but they are all very sharp.

What do hippos like to do?

Hippos like to swim they. swim more than half of their day.

What does hippos skin feal like?

A hippos skin probably feels like leather.

Where do hippos like living?

Hippos like living in places that they can survive, such as North Africa.

What does a crumple horned Snorcack look like?

I think they look like hippos with fuzzy purple ears and a long horn. They like waltz music, according to Luna Lovegood.

If you like looking at penisare you gay?

Not necessarily. I think Hippos look cool but I don't want to meet one.

Where do hippos have hair?

Hippos, like elephants, have little hairs all over their bodies.

What is a hippos habitat?

Hippos generally live in muddy riverbanks, as they like water and mud.

What type of meat do hippos like to eat?

None, deliberately. Hippos are herbivores, plant eaters.

Do hippos like the sun?

hipos do like sun

Why do hippos like grass?

They like green things.

What does a hippos home look like?

They live in rivers, swamps, and other protected areas. They live in grasslands with water and little rock.

How big is a hippos butt?

well, if you look at your self then think of a hippos butt you may think wow that thing could swallow me whole.

Are hippos herbavores?

Yes they are. They like grass.

Does Jake smell like hippos?


Why are hippos called hippos?

In greek history, they called hippos water horse's because they thought hippos looked like a horse very well, but the hippos spent a lot of time in the water so they called them water horse's. But then, most of the people in the world changed it to hippopotamus.

Do hippos like crocodiles?

Maybe. Hippos might just like crocodiles and crocodiles might love/like hippos too. But they might also hate each other because they are not the same type of animal and might be going after the same type of food.

Do you like hippos?

No ^^^ how dare you say that!! Hippos are amazing!! 10 times more amazing than you'll ever be!!

Are hippos meat eaters?

it is a meat eater its true look on bing

What is the shelter for hippopotamus called?

Hippos like to swim under water sit in mud hippos can eat up to 100lbs of grass There is no name of the shelter hippos have, but they hide under the mud and grasses. Hippos sleep in the water but not under water.

How do hippos hunt?

Hippos are herbavours, they don't hunt, and if they did I'd suspect that they would lay in wait in the water like crocodiles