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Well... What I think is that whoever answered that doesn't have those feelings for you, maybe somebody else. If they don't have those feelings for anyone, they probably just feel weird or uncomfortable in a situation like that. That's what I think anyways...

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Q: What does i like you as a friend means?
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What does homie means like that mygirl and friend?

Yeah. It's like 'friend'.

What does estranges mean?

It means 'separated' like if you are estranged from your friend , you are separated from your friend.

What do you do when your friend is not acting like a friend?

well that means there something wrong with them

What does 'Life has no blessings like a prudent friend means?

sounds like it means that a true friend makes life a lot better

What do you think it means when a boy asks you if you like him as a friend?

it means he loves you.

What does it mean to be ure babe but as a friend?

It usually means friend with benefits :/ or something like that.

I love you but i am not in love with you?

that means your more like a friend.

What is the greencard interview like?

it means that you have a boy friend

What does necesito una amiga mean is spanish?

it means ''I need a friend''. But like a girl friend.

What a woman means when she says ill always care for you as a friend?

She will always like you as a friend, no matter what.

What does it mean when she says you are like a friend?

That means she probably likes you, maybe as a friend or maybe more!

What does con mi amigo mean in spanish?

something like my friend fun