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In Asian philosophy Dragons are the symbols of universal power. They are meant to swim in the unreachable depths or sore the unattainable heights. When a dragon is in the shallows it is a metaphor for wasted power. It is not living up to its full potential, so the little shrimps play with it. make fun of it. The shrimps know they can move around easily in the shallows while a dragon can not. The shrimps who will never swim so deep or fly so high as the dragon take advantage of this situation.

2011-11-04 20:09:46
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Can freshwater shrimps survive with no water?

can freshwater shrimps stay out of water

Where do bearded dragons find there water sources?

In the wild from the dew on cactuses and shallow water pools. In captivity us humans give them baths and water to drink.

What other reptiles can live with water dragons?

bearded dragons, Chinese water dragons, water dragons and skinks.

Is shallow an adjective?

Yes. If you say, "The water is shallow," then shallow describes the water.

Do bearded dragons like to be in water?

"NO ! They are desert creatures ! The only water they need is for drinking."Actually, the answer above is incorrect. While bearded dragons are desert creatures they do like water in some cases. They should also be soaked in water that is shallow at least once a week. Never, EVER leave your Beardie unattended no matter how shallow the water is and never let the water level get higher than their back. Because some bearded dragons don't drink their own water while it is left in their enclosure, you give soak them to help hydrate them. Its also a good way to help them shed.

Do shrimps eat algae?

Yes. Shrimps eat algae as it swallows water through its mouth.

Can salt water shrimps live in fresh water?

most likely not. they'er "salt water" shrimps so they cant live in fresh water. sorry if that didnt answer your question.

What kind of water do fresh water shrimps live in?

fresh water?

How Do Shrimps Live in Lakes and Rivers?

There are many different species of fresh and salt water shrimps. All shrimps eat microscopic plant and animal life.

A sea dragons habitat?

Sea dragons tend to live in warm waters (due to being coldblooded) with lots of fish and other prey. They stay in deep waters, preferring not to come into shallow, sandy water of beaches and reefs.

What is a area of shallow water called?

An area of shallow water is a shoal.

Do sharks feed in shallow water?

No sharks do not feed in shallow water.

Does Dolphins live in shallow or deep water?

They live in shallow sea water

Do dolphins live in shallow or deep water?

They live in shallow-ish water.

Does starfish live in shallow or deep water?

deep ---Actually, starfish live in shallow water. Or, rocky pools.

Shallow in a sentence?

The water in the lake was very shallow

Is there shallow or deep water in a muskeg?

It can be shallow or deep.

Does a sea turtle live in shallow or deep water?

It lives in the shallow water of the ocean.

Should crayfish be kept in water?

shallow water with islands of land in it, but not too shallow

Why do waves breaks in shallow water?

because they suck up and break in shallow water

Describe the effect of water waves passing into shallow water?

describes the effect of water waves passing into shallow water?

Is deep water more or less dense than shallow water?

Shallow water is more dense than Deep water. This means that a wave travelling from deep water to shallow water would bend towards the normal. Also, the wave would travel slower in the shallow than in the deep water

What is a word for describing water that is not shallow?

The opposite of shallow is deep.

Is it better to swim in shallow water or deep water?

Its better to swim in the deep water but if you have a child its safe to swim in the shallow water.

Where do crabs live in deep or shallow water?

From my knowledge they live in both but mainly shallow water.