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A fact is something that is true and you have information to back it up , an opinion is what someone think ,Ex that was the worst game ever. Worst the the opinion word because somebody meant think that is the best game ever.

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Q: What does internal organization mean?
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Explain the internal and external environment of human resource management?

internal environment mean environment within the organization. external environment mean environment out side the organization

What do you mean by internal sources in an organization?

An "internal source" is someone who has given information or something to someone else who works for the same organization they do. It's the opposite of "an outside source."

What does internal affairs mean?

Dear internal affair means: the affairs (matters/mamlat) inside the organization or inside the house in known is internal affairs.. thank you..!

What are the classification of family structure a based on internal organization?

define the classification of family based on internal organization

What is a practice of internal relations?

The practice of internal relations is the common practice between an institution, an organization, or country. It all depends on the internal rules of the organization.

What are the Internal and external environment of organization?

The internal environment refers to the internal workings of the organization. The external environment refers to outside organizations that affect the business.

When did Abu Nidal Organization internal executions happen?

Abu Nidal Organization internal executions happened in 1987.

What is the purpose of an organization's internal network?

The purpose of an organization's internal network is to ensure that everyone knows and understands the organizations goals and objectives. The internal network also ensures that the organizations provides quality service to those the organization comes in contact with.

List the types of external operational and internal operational communication that occur in an organization?

List the types of external-operational and internal-operational communication that occur in an organization

Internal communication definition?

The definition of internal communication is information transmissions between the members of an organization. It is sharing information on all levels of an organization for business reasons.

What does organization mean on a job application?

What does organization mean

Internal and external capabilities of organization?

It depends on the organization and their willingness to keep up, forecast (can lead to being proactive), and adapt to change. The internal and external environmental factors can have a positive or negative affect on the organization depending on how the organization handles it. Internal factors for the most part are under the control of the organization, while the external factors are not. This is why the organization's informational resources and analysis of those resources are so critical. Most organizations will implement both internal and external environmental scans in an effort to understand the changes taking place within both areas.

Internal structure of business organization?

it is the internal running of the business, management and finance etc

The impact of internal audit on organization?

Internal audit reveals to management whether internal control procedures are duly followed or not.

What is a internal structure of a piece of writing?


What is the meaning of internal?

Internal is the opposite of external. It is an adjective referring to things or situations on the inside. For example, in an internal combustion engine, all of the combustion (explosions) happen inside the engine. The internal affairs of an organization are the affairs (issues) of the personnel within the organization, and internal bleeding is when something inside the body is bleeding.

What is the importance internal auditor for an organization?

We can understand the importance of an internal auditor by understanding internal auditing. Internal auditing is an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

What are units within an organization that receive services from other units within the organization?

internal customers

What is an internal procedure involving groups or individuals who are based entirely within an organization?

Internal control

What are internal influences?

Internal influences (in the marketing/business sense) are things that an organization can easily change or improve that are within complete control of the organization (such as customer service, product, etc.).

Is responsible for maintaining the shape and internal organization of the cell?

Cytoskeleton is the part of a cell that is in control of keeping the shape and cell internal organization. It is also the part that helps in cell movement.

What are international databases?

A collection of data or records is what we call a database. A database can be either internal or it can be external. An Internal database is one like in an organization which is only accessible by the organization's people.

How a manager manages internal and external environment of the organisation?

A manager manages internal environment of the organization by keeping track of all the departments of the organization. A manager manages external environment of the organization by keeping track of all the customers, competitions and economy.

How do l distinguish between internal and external users?

If you mean differences in internal and external users of financial statements, then the answer is as follows: Internal users are persons employed by the organization such as management (e.g. CFO, CEO); internal users also encompasses owners and board members of the entity. External users are those not employed by the organization such as potential investors or creditors; external users also do not include persons presently with ownership in the business nor board members of the entity.

Can you get an acronym for Internal opportunities within an organization?