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It depends on the purpose of the bond, the amount and the bonding agencies perception of the risk.

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Q: What does it cost to be bonded?
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How much do bonded retainers cost?

I got a bonded retainer on the top teeth today and it cost me $350. My insurance does not cover adult orthadontia, so I used my flexible spending account to get the bonded retainer.

What is the cost to get licensed and bonded in Washington state?


What is a bonded courier?

A bonded courier gives the assurance that, should a package get lost or stolen, its replacement cost is covered. For example, if a company sends a computer via a bonded courier and the delivery is stolen, the bonded courier service is able to reimburse the company for the loss of its computer.

Is bonded leather harmful?

Only if you get hit with it. Bonded leather is just a product made from leather and other materials to look like leather but at a cheaper cost

Do you need to be bonded in Pennsylvania for locksmithing?

I'm a locksmith in Michigan and it cost under 20.00 to be bonded through the locksmith ledger magazine. So for the price it is worth it and it looks good for you.

What does it cost to be bonded in job applications?

Unless your are going to be a self employed contractor, it shouldn't cost you anything. Your employer should foot the bill.

Is Freon a more covalently bonded or ionically bonded?

covalently bonded

Wearability of bonded leather compared to leather?

Bonded leather is basically scrap leather and other materials (could be vinyl, split hides, textiles and who knows what) combined and manufactured with chemicals to produce bonded leather. Top grain leather, which is the most popular leather available today, at a relatively low cost and just a bit more than bonded leather, will hold up better, give a nicer touch, and outlast bonded leather.

Are mixtures bonded?

Mixtures are NOT bonded.

How are molecules bonded?

They are bonded by bonds

What percentage of bonded leather is plastic?

0%. If it is bonded leather it is bonded leather and not plastic!

Is there any pig hide in bonded leather?

Bonded leather, also called reconstituted leather or blended leather, is a term used for a lower-cost upholstery material which consists of natural leather leftovers that are shredded and then bonded back into larger sheets. Yes, pig hide could very well be included.

How much does it cost to get a bonded title and where do you go to?

I can not answer your first question however I would suggest going to the place you bought the car from

Definition of bonded atom?

bonded atom

Where to get bonded?

To get bonded, you go to the Police Station.

What does 14k gb stamped on a bracelet mean?

It refers to 14k bonded. That is when another metal such as silver is heat and pressure bonded to an outer layer of 14k gold. It is a fraction of the cost of solid 14k gold with the same look and is very durable.

How much does it cost for a dealer's license?

The rate for a dealer's license varies. Some licenses are about $150. In addition to a license you will have to be bonded, which can get expensive.

Is glucose ionic or covalent bonded?

Covalent bonded

Do you have to be bonded to cut keys?

It depends on what you mean by 'bonded'

Have you ever applied to be bonded?

Yes, i have applied to be bonded.

Is a molecule covalently bonded or ionically bonded?


Can you be bonded after bankruptcy?

Yes, you can be bonded after bankruptcy, but it matters what you are being bonded for. Since the bond company is in essence insuring you, being bonded to be a notary public is easy, whereas getting your business bonded may be more difficult after bankruptcy.

Do painting contractors have to be bonded or insured in case of damage to the property they are working on?

It's recommended that a painting contractor be bonded for anything costing over $500. Make sure that the contractor's bond limit will cover the cost of your repair before work begins.

What is the molecular shape of C3H4?

Think of this as H2C3H2 or HC3H3 As carbon is tetravalent and hydrogen is monovalent there must be either two hydrogens bonded to a carbon that is double bonded to another that is double bonded to the third which has the remaining hydrogens double bonded. Otherwise this must be a hydrogen bonded to a carbon that is triple bonded to another carbon which is single bonded to the third carbon which is bound to three hydrogens.

What are the qualifications to be bonded?

Does a past bankruptcy eliminate me from becoming bonded?