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It sounds as if he is confused and now feels he's made a bad choice, but doesn't know what to do. It may seem simple enough to you that he should tell this other girl that he wants to go back to you, but life isn't always that simple. I would meet with him, but be firm and tell him like it is. It's either you or her and if he chooses her tell him he's to stop calling you and it's over! You may not like this answer, but you asked, so here it is. What it means is that you're still in a "relationship" with this man, not because of him, but because "you" need it and want it. What it means is that until "you're" ready to let it go and move on with your life, he will continue to hang on to you for whatever gratification he gets out of feeling like he has two girlfriends. Tell him you enjoyed your relationship with him while it lasted (if you did), but that it's time for both of you to move on with your lives...and mean it. (And don't leave the door open for him by telling him that if he dumps his present girlfriend he can come back.) Then get active, go out and meet new people and get on with your life. If he persists in calling, tell him politely, but firmly, that you no longer want to talk to him. Tell him good-by and hang up. You deserve better than this guy, but the decision is yours as to whether or not you get it. Good luck! Men that play both ends against the middle are selfish, egotistical and plain trouble-makers. Think about it ... this guy is getting his kicks by having two women having a battle over him (so he thinks), and because you are sitting at home trying to figure this out and his girlfriend is at home miserable and wondering when and if he'll leave he's probably seeing a third party! Get "call display" if you don't have it already and if he calls DO NOT PICK IT UP and if it gets to you take the phone of the hook for a bit, go for a drive, see a girlfriend, but DON'T PICK UP THAT PHONE! You are simply the one that got away. He has a young, immature girl that is boosting his ego and he can manipulate her, but you aren't allowing him to manipulate you and this is a big factor in an egotistical rat like him. Tell him it's over and if he doesn't stop annoying you, you'll report him to the police for stalking! Yes, you heard me right! It may not stick in court, but he won't know the difference. In all fairness, both men and women can be guilty of this sort of behavior and should be avoided when encountered. He might still like you. Guys do things like that to get their ex girlfriends back. They try to show you that they aren't weak so girls like them again. Ask one of his friends to talk to them but do not tell the friend to tell the boyfriend that you asked him about it.

2006-09-08 00:00:10
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