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It means she doesn't like you enough to see you as much as you want to see her, hence, she "wants space;" however, she would like to use you whenever she feels lonely, then she "misses talking to you."

Well,that's the thing though she told me she wanted to be alone for awhile and asked for space she said before that everytime i talk to her she couldn't take it anymore cause i annoyed her that the reason she asked for im asking y would she say something like that even though she wanted kept asking for space in the first place????

Maybe its not the talking she misses.she probly misses you and is probly feeling bad for herself and so she just said that so she can hide her feelings she has for you.I kinda seen stuff like this they ask for space and then in a few days or so they find out that they already regret doing and so they feel bad.yea i think its that im not really sure but i hope its goes well.

i totally disagree with the person who answered 1st. im thinking of doing he same thing, but not cuz i don't like the guy, because i don't think i know him well enoughfor him to be showing me so much attention. i want to get to know him but slowly. thers absolutely nothing wrong with him and i think hes really cute and nice, but he says hey and looks at me EVERY TIME i see him. he just needs to go slower. since she said she misses talking to you, obviously she didnt want space cuz she thought something was wrong w/ you. she still wants to talk with you. you probably backed off too much. just go slowly with her, she sounds like a very smart girl who has her head on straight. shes got more morals that tell her she needs to know you better before getting involved in a relationship.

take a deep breath. are you with me? she's not breaking up with you. she still loves you and wants to be with you. she needs space. no calls, no text, no letters, no emails. it's going to be hell on your senses, but she needs her space. let her breath. she'll be back. she'll miss you. if you're still there and you're still cool with her (that means not degrading or accusatory. abusive. whatever) then everything will be fine. think of your family and friends. if you get tired of being around them you feel boxed in. you give each other space to breath and grow. you don't cling to them and say "what? what's going on? don't go!" just chill. everything will be fine. keep living your days. read. go biking. disc Golf. thumb wrestle. i don't know. just be cool and be yourself. everthing is fine, there's nothing wrong and she's not going to leave you. she just needs space to breath. put your hands in the air, take 2 steps back, and let her be.

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Q: What does it mean if a girl asked for space and then later on she said she missed talking to you even though she wanted some space in the first place?
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