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What does it mean if a guy is having trouble getting along with his friends a few months after a break-up?

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2006-09-05 21:14:39

Only you know how your relationship went. If he didn't cheat on

you, then perhaps he wasn't ready to settle down with one girl or,

he could have other personal problems. It appears he still cares

for you and is having a tough time trying to resolve his problems

and thus missing you and perhaps nothing going right in his life

he's grouchy and taking it out on his peers. Sometimes there are no

reason with the exception a person can be depressed and depression

is very high in teen years. I'd let him go until he can resolve

whatever problems he has. Sometimes people who have problems or are

depressed don't want help and you can't lead a horse to water and

make them drink. Stop wondering if this was your fault because 9

changes out of 10 it wasn't. It's time for you to live life and get

out with your friends and also start dating again. If both of you

are meant to be together you will be. Perhaps he's one of those

people who has problems maintaining personal relations. He might be

having second thoughts about breaking up.

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