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The fuse box also contains breakers and relays.

The clicking noise will be a relay clicking on or off

More serious cause:Or there is a breaker that is opening due to over load and resetting by itself. This is a very serious situation and may mean there is a short or other serious and dangerous electrical problem.
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Q: What does it mean if there is a ticking sound coming from the fuse box that is under the hood?
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Theres a ticking noise coming from your fuse panel on your 99 expedition its killing your battery they is a relay fuse that if you pull it out the ticking stops what is that relay switch for?

i have 99 taruas and its my battery relay

What is the loud ticking noise coming from the fuse box under the dash in a 1999 Ford Taurus?

this type of noise is usually created by one of the relays, within the fuse box. Open the box, locate the bank of relays(little square box's(larger than a fuse)) and when it is making a "clicking" noise, gently rest finger on each one and you will feel the vibration. Simply look at fuse box diagram to discover what that relay is for, and go from there. The sound is power being switched on or off to whatever that relay controls

Where is the fuel pump fuse on a beretta?

there is a fuse on the fire wall ,there is constant power to a bolt with wires coming from it, under that there is a plug that is the fuse.

The window washers are not working no water coming out and no motor sound?

check the fuse first

SOMEONE....please help....all of the sudden my turn signals and hazards are not working on my 1998 crown victoria. it is definitely not a fuse problem...what is it?

Have you checked the flasher fuse. Its in the fuse box by the brake pedal. Its the larger round one, you might have knocked it out of place or it has to be replaced. Check it out. When the flasher is on, you can hear a ticking coming from it.

Where is the horn fuse box in a 1994 fordlx?

i know where the fuse box is under the dash, but where is the horn fuse in my 1994 ford lx escort! (1.9 litter). I have no horn sound! I need to know where is the fuse?????????

What does it mean when you try to start your land rover and the interior lights go off and you hear clicking sound coming from what appears to be a yellow fuse under both driver and passenger seats?

Dead battery.. Get someone to give you a jump

Where is the fuse for the cigarette accessory outlet in a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan?

There is a relay under the hood beside the battery you must check. Also there is a fuse box under the driver side panel, you may have to remove the sound dampener to access the fuse box. The labels will show you where the exact fuse and relays are.

Why would the turn signals stop working on a 2000 Camaro?

I am not sure about the 2000 model Camaro's but I would suggest you check the flasher under the dash normally when its operating you will hear a clicking sound coming from it. On most models you can find this flasher under the dash on or near the fuse panel. , EzForJesus

Where is the accessory wire located on a 2005 Harley Davidson Heritage?

should be one coming out of the headlight assembly, one coming out of the fuse box ass. under the seat, and one coming out of the taillight ass. used for acc. lighting, the light ass. should be yellow and the ass. wire coming out of the fuse box should be orange with a white tracer.

Where is the fuse on a Cub Cadet LTX 1046?

I just changed mine, and it is under the seat. Remove the battery, and then there is a relay that is screwed to the inside of the back of the tractor under the battery compartment. Unscrew that relay and the fuse is attached to the wires coming out of that relay.

Where fuse for windows at on Dodge Caliber?

In the under hood fuse box.In the under hood fuse box.

Where is the fuse box in a 1999 Pontiac Bonneville?

Check under the sound cover on the passenger side behind the glove box.

Where is the iod fuse in a 1999 Dodge Durango?

Under hood fuse box.Under hood fuse box.

When it say fuse where odometer is on neon srt4?

Check the fuse in the under hood fuse box labeled IOD.Check the fuse in the under hood fuse box labeled IOD.

94 buick car won't start dash lights won't come on clicking by glove compartment?

fuse box will be in or under the glove box and the fuse will be blow stopping dash lights from coming on .

Where is the main fuse on 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

"Main fuse"? Fuses are located in the under hood fuse box."Main fuse"? Fuses are located in the under hood fuse box.

01 Lincoln l s cooling fan is not coming on fluid ok?

check fan relay in fuse box under hood.

Why is there no sound after installing back the CD player and code of your 98 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Check the fuse for the radio - check inside the car first, driver side console - then the fuse box under the hood.

Half of my interior lighting radio and antennna don't work in my 1992 Jeep Cherokee. There is a rapid sound coming out of the fuse box area only when the car door is open. Is this a blown fuse?

This is most likely caused by a blown fuse in the Cherokee. Check the fuses one by one in the fuse box to find the blown one.

You have no power to the digital air cond or blower motor on 94 t-bird v8 worked until you heard sound like fuse blew is there a fuse anywere else other than the fuse box inside and the one under the?

there's an 5 amp fuse in the fuse block marked instrument that's blown.

What could be the cause of your horn to stop working in my 1993 jeep grand Cherokee All I hear is like a clicking sound coming down from under the dash.Where is the horn located?

First check to see if you have a blown fuse. the horns are located under the front of passenger side front bumper. As for the clicking it probably is a fuse, actually the horn relay. my 97 horn's were burned out. found autozone replacement.

Where can you find the fuse for ac between the fuse box and the ac relay under the dash or under the hood?

on 2000 Malibu it is in fuse box under hood!! on drivers side.

Where is the fuse for headlights for a 1999 Honda civic si?

it would be under the hood in the fuse box .. or under your feet on the drivers side in the fuse box u will have to get under their and look

Where is the power window fuse under the hood for a 1994 s10 blazer?

the fuse is under the steering wheel, not under the hood

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