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it sounds to me like they are talking about you and either know that you may like one of them or one of them like you. if the possibly is of one or the other liking that person then there also could be a little bit of poking fun involved! don't be so sensitive or over worried about those boys! act like you don't care! if you do like one of them then tell someone with a big mouth that will spread the news!

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What are ways to know when a guy likes you at school when you never talk and always look at each other in the halls but are friends?

Well if you are really friends and only friends, then you are definitely friends. but if you hint that he likes you, and he looks at you all the time, then its time he realised how good lookin you are and he likes you. If you dont know, then go up and ask. If you are friends already then that means he should be able to tell you if he likes you or not.

How do you find out if a girl you don't know likes you?

try and talk to her friends and get the scoop!.. her friends will always know who she likes

How do you tell if a middle school girl likes you?

Rumors! if one of your friends is friends with this girl or her friends, they will find out if she likes you! girls are rubbish at secret keeping.

Help this is a new boy in school your friends never tell you but he tells them who he likes but not you?

He likes you.

I am 16 and i saw a girl at my school she always stares at me and i like her but i dont know weather she likes me or not but when i asked her friends they tell she always talks about me she like me?

I think so. You should go for it.

What does Selena Gomez like about school?

what i think that she likes school because she can talk to her friends

How do you know that a guys friends knows he likes you?

He will always look or smile at you

If the guy that sits next to you in class is always scooching closer to you is always around you and your friends but never really talks to you does that mean he likes you?

Well I would say definently yes that would mean he likes you its been along time sincei was in school but yeah I'm sure he has a thing for you if he's always around you and your friends but just to be sure his eyes are on you and not one of your friends i would spend lunch alone for a day and see who he goes around you or your friends. if he goes to your friends find out if he asked about you

I really really like this girl but i have been good friends for about a year and i have had a crush on her for ages but now the feeling is much deeper and dont think she likes me what can i do?

Do you think she likes you? well if you think she likes you try to ask her out but if you don't think she likes you very much, just wait awhile. PS: I think she likes you it always ends up that way

There is this guy he always says hi to you and waves he says you are friends and you always talk and you know he deffinetly likes you as friends but how can you know if he likes you for more shoul you?

you should definetely ask him out if he takes time to talk to you that much than he likes for more than friends. he might not take it so well but if he turns you down ask if you can still be friends

What does it mean when this girl is always saying hi to you?

it means that she likes you and want to be friends with you

There is this guy at your school and were not friends but he always tries to get your attention in you yelling at him ways and when were alone he acts like were friend does he like me?

yes he likes u but not only likes u he mus be fall n luv wit u

This guy likes you a lot you have always been friends what do you do?

If the guy likes you and you like him back ask him if he wanted to go to the movies

You think that a boy likes you?

If the guy calls you very often, he always asks you out, and he can make out from your voice when you are feeling happy or low, is always there to listen to you.

How do you know a six grade girl likes you?

If She Always looks at you then looks straight at her friends.

Why boys always say you just friends?

Because that boy likes someone else

Does Jacqueline Wilson likes to go to school?

She was really happy going to school and even her friends first time she looked at lots of people the she started going to school and she made friends

This guy flirts with me and he always flirts with the people i hang out with most all his and my friends tell me he likes me but I'm not really sure does he?

He probably likes you and is trying to make you jealous by flirting with your friends

Your 1st best friend forever told you that the guy that i likes likes me too but 2 of your friends say that he doesnt like you but that guy is always looking at you?

he likes you girlllllllllllllll

If a guy at your school likes you but you don't like him back what should you do so you will still be friends?

it matters if he likes u enough to settle for that

How Jesse Owens got involved in sport?

He ran in school, with friends, and all the likes of that.

How do you know if guy's friends are telling the guy that likes you what you are doing?

If it before school or class.

How do you find out if a guy likes you if your friends say he is always looking at you but is afraid to talk to you?

He might be shy. Just give him some time to come around and to talk to you. If he is always looking at you, that is a sign that he likes you. Also, if he is asking your friends about you, that is also a good sign.

What if a guy is being really mean in school but than txts you until 3 am does this mean he likes me?

Im not sure, maybe he does like you but his friends dont so at school hes mean to you because he doesnt want his friends to know that he likes you.

What does it mean when a girl always tells you she likes and hangs out with my group of friends I feel a connection but does she?

It is obvious that she is interested in you especially if she always tells you she likes you she has probably been waiting for a sign from you and for you to ask her out.