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"Water on the kidney" is the literal translation of the medical term hydronephrosis. That's a misnomer, however, because the condition has nothing to do with water. In hydronephrosis, there is often an obstruction in the ureter, bladder, or urethra that prevents urine from emptying out of the kidney. Pressure backs-up as a result, causing the kidney to swell with urine.

A common cause is a large kidney stone that prevents proper drainage of the kidney.

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Q: What does it mean if you have water on the kidney?
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your fecked lol

What does it mean if my unborn baby has water on the kidney?

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Does drinking a lot of water mean you might have kidney problems?

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What is fullness in the kidney mean?

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What does a mean cortical thickness of 20 mm in kidney ultrasound mean?

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What is echogenic focus of kidney?

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How is the water-regulating activity of a kidney controlled?

The water regulation in a kidney is controlled by the hypothaelemeus which is located in the brain, and it helps to regulate the amount of water present in a kidney comparative to the water that is released in a normal cycle.

Is kidney failure and kidney insufficiency mean the same thing?


Can a toddler have mineral water?

NO. if you feed the toddler mineral water a large kidney stone will form in his/her kidney and it wont be pretty

Is kidney beans good for your kidney?

its good for your bodys nutrition and gives protein but just becaus its a kidney bean dosent mean its good for your kidney

What does aldosterone do to the kidney?

Aldosterone makes the kidneys reabsorb the sodium and reclaim water from the kidney

How does the water you drink get to the kidney?


Can drinking too much water cause kidney stones?

No. Drinking a lot of water helps prevent and pass kidney stones.

What is the medical term for hormone that promotes the kidney to reabsorb water?

The medical term for the hormone that promotes the kidney to reabsorb water is vasopressin. It helps maintain the bodys water balance this way. It is important to stay hydrated and to drink plenty of water so that the kidney can reabsorb water needed.

Why do you suppose drinking plenty of water helps kidneys do the job?

if you drink water your kidney will be cleaned ant it will not be dirty and if you eat junk foods your kidney will be affected but if you drink water it will be flow away and your kidney will not be affected. hope it can helps :)

Do the kidney retain water?

No, the bladder retains water/waste.

If you had a kidney infection does that mean you have AIDS?

No, it does not.

What hormone helps the kidney conserve water?

Anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) is released by the pituitary gland to encourage the kidney to reabsorb water.

What diffuses from the kidney back into the blood stream?

Water diffuses from the kidney back into the blood stream.

Do renal angiomyolipomas cause kidney failure or mean that you are already in kidney failure?

It is a very unlikely cause of kidney failure(if it is large and bilateral or affect the only existing kidney) .

What does renal mean?

Renal means related to the kidney. For instance, the renal artery is the blood vessel that serves the kidney.

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Does kidney impairment mean the same as failure?

Kidney impairment indicates a problem, but kidney failure refers to the inability of a kidney to do it's job. You can live with one kidney or impaired kidney function, but if the kidneys fail to function, this is incompatible with life if not corrected.

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