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What does it mean if you keep having dreams about men who are in love with you is that a good or bad thing?


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November 19, 2007 9:00PM

a good thing okay ==new answer== In a dream, men since you are .female are subconscions aspects or ways of thinking. You need to put a quality to each one. Are they familiar,unfamiliar, do you like them or not. If they are familiar, by describing the quality you will be able to relate this to some recent thinking, usually the previous day. If they are unfamiliar, describing the quality will give you a way to begin tounderstand this particular way of thinking. These are definitely parts of yourself that are attempting to become a part of your everyday consciousness, since you say the are in love with you. Your subconscious mind communicates nightly through dreams relating specifically to your thinking processes and how you are doing with them. Would suggest that you look at learning the universal language of mind so you can understand the relevance of dreams. Someday.