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It can mean that he doesn't want to go out with you any more, but he's trying to let you down gently by letting you think you'll still be in touch as regularly as you have been.

Or it could mean that he wants to be free to go out with others and have you waiting on the side lines incase he doesn't actually score with anyone else so then he can come back to you.

As hard as it may be, it might be better to make a clean break and walk away from him, especially if you still have feelings for him and he doesn't feel the same.

Good luck!

2010-03-19 02:14:24
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Q: What does it mean if your boyfriend breaks up with you but says he wants to be your best friend?
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When you cheated on your boyfriend with his best friend and he finds out and breaks up with you how do you get him back?

Tell him he is really gay.

What does it mean when your boyfriend is being more of a friend then a boyfriend?

it means that hes trying his best but he wants to just be friends

What do you do if you want to make out with your best friend and your best friend wants to make out with you?

it depends, if she is single go for it and hope for the best.If your other best friend is her boyfriend than idk

What do you do if your best friend says she wants to go out with your boyfriend?

great who burn to ruled to others.

What if you have a boyfriend and he died his hair and now your best friend wants to date him what do you do?

There is nothing you can do to prevent it. Your boyfriend is about to be tested & you will soon find out who your friends are.

Do you let your best friend ask if he likes you?

i would because your best friend has your best intrest in mind. and if your boyfriend breaks your heart she would probally be the first one there trying to get you through it. ::))

How do you cope when your best friend is divorcing me?

It may feel like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend when your best friend breaks up with you. It is best to surround yourself with supportive people to cope.

What if your boyfriend breaks up with you right before the dance?

just go with your friends or your best friend that's a guy

Why is your boyfriend and your best friend always together?

he wants to get tips from her to please your and make you happy, or he likes her, or they are best friends as well

Why does your ex-boyfriend wants to be best friends for?

Um, well maybe he likes you, but not in the way that he would like to be your boyfriend, but just a friend.

Who is worse the boyfriend who cheats on his girlfriends with her best friend or the girls best friend?

They both are bad. If your best friend cheats on you with your boyfriend, she is a NOT a loyal friend. And if your boyfriend cheats on you, DUMP HIM.

What does the abbreviation boyfriend stand for?

Boyfriend or best friend. But its usually used for best friend

Why does your best friend not have a boyfriend?

if your best friend is a girl she may not be ready for a boyfriend if your friend is a boy then he isn't into boys.

What should you do if your boyfriend wants you to stop talking to your best friend who is also you a guy?

You could tell him that your best friend is important to you and you love him just in a different way, and you are not going to stop talking to him just because he is a guy. When your boyfriend explains to you that he is jealous of him --or afraid of it becoming more than just a friendship, then you should tell him that relationships take trust, and that he should trust you if he wants to be with you. Promise him that your best friend is just a best friend, not another boyfriend. Hang out with both of them together sometime, and kiss your boyfriend in front of your best friend, show your boyfriend that you he is important to you in a way that differs from your best friend. Don't stop talking to your best friend for a guy that will eventually dump you anyway. If he can't trust you, you won't be able to hold on to the relationship very long. (at least, not happily)

What do you do if your best friend and boyfriend are fighting?

bring your boyfriend to the bedroom. buy your best friend a gift.

If a girl has a boyfriend but she loves her best friend who is her ex boyfriend still?

then she should leave her boyfriend and do something about the love she has for her best friend..

Who wants a best friend?

Everyone wants a friend or needs a friend and I'd like a best friend!!!just tell me your username

What does it mean if a girl say that she wants you to be her best friend but not boyfriend?

she means that she wants you to be someone that tell her secrets to, can hang out with, but not kiss n have sex n stuff

Can you boyfriend be your best friend?

Sure! make sure you still have other best friends, but sure! My boyfriend is my best friend

Who do you trust better your boyfriend or your boy best friend that people say he likes you but is trying to break you and your boyfriend up?

The boy best friend. Coz u already got ur boyfriend. But ur best find likes u and always wants to prove he is better than ur one and its natural.

Your straight best friend has a boyfriend but you know she likes you how can you make her choose you?

dont make her choose you just wait intill she breaks up with her current boyfriend that way their wont be a fight

Why a guy wants you as a best friend?

he only wants you as a best friend so that he can get close to you and "accidentally" have sex with you.

What do you do if you fancy your best friends boyfriend?

your friends boyfriend will breakup with your friend, and your friend will get mad at you.

What does it mean a guy says he's bored?

It depends. If he is a friend or your best friend he probably wants to do something exciting and dangerous. If he is your boyfriend, he probably wants to break up with you because it is getting nowhere and it's boring. Another way of a boyfriend is that he is making an excuse to surprise you or go away.

A girl cheats on her boyfriend with you She then cheats again with your best friend How do you know who she likes more?

You no how by watching what they do. The girl probably likes the best-friend more because she wants to make you mad and date your best fiend. Your Welcome.