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What does it mean if your child's mother is on the rebound after you broke it off with them but you are now heartbroken?


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September 14, 2011 12:46AM

KEEP UR CHIN UP!!! smile :*)

Hey........ u poor thing, i feel 4 u, ok let me just say im a female who has done this to my ex only he was the step father to my children.. but i broke his heart...

Firstly u need to know one thing, SHE will be back only if u are willing to take her back! women go on the rebound coz of what u men do 2 us. u either flirt with other women stray or cheat and worse still neglect our every need especially when we are mothers.

im not sure of how this break up come about but i will say because of it she has found someone to make her smile and reconise her 4 who she is at the moment.. after a woman has a baby u men seem to forget we feel less sexy meaning fat, frumpy and like we will be on the back burner unless we find another to make us feel good about ourselves again even with our sagging breast and stretch marks..

try giving her the space she needs, show like u do not care about her but do wish to be a great father, when u show this woman u have less and less interest in her she will become worried as to weather ur over her.. once a woman feels the father of her child has no love for her they come begging him back.. u are her rock! u concieved that child and no matter what there is deep down love she has inside for you just waiting to shine through if u play ur cards right.

if she gets wind of u going out and about to a nightclub example she will also be worried your sleeping with anoher woman. this may make her come back... even a new hair style or out fit will make her think u have done this for a new love interest... don't stay home as misrable as u are, or let her know ur doing that coz it doesn't make her feel bad for you.. my man and i break up every 4 days and it annoys me that he may be out having fun and i beg him back every time incase he finds some1 better...

now who is the fool... hehe maybe we should hook up (sorry being cheeky) but good luck with it all huh? keep ur chin up and smile... u are a good man!!! i hope she comes back to you!