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Hi. It is very hard to know as PM symptoms are exatly the same as pregnancy symptoms... I had "pregnancy " symptoms for two weeks (very sore nipples,enlarged breasts with blue veins,etc..) and I was not pregnant. I would advise you to do a HPT (early pregnancy test should be used) and if it is negative maybe go and get a blood test done or wait few more days and test again. The best you can do if you are hoping to be pregnant is to take care of yourself,no alcohol,coffein,etc.... and also don't get your hopes up (as I did) because you can be real disappointed if it turns out differentely....If you are not hoping to be pregnant see your doctor a.s.a.p. All the best!

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Are sore nipples a sign of pregnancy three weeks before your period is due?

Yes, Sor nipples are a sign of pregnancy also if you have missed you period

I missed my period about two weeks ago and still haven't started Now my nipples hurt Is it hormones or could I be pregnant?

both. you should go and get a pregnancy test; I'm about months pregnant now and when i was about 6 weeks (or 2 weeks past due on my period), my nipples started to get darker and more sensitive. although, it could be stress - but to play it safe, if you have had unprotected sex, go get tested now

What are the symptoms of being 6 weeks pregnant?

Of course your missed period. sore nipples. urination a lot. nausea. mood swings.

What if you nipples are sensitive and period is not due for another 2 weeks could that mean pregnancy?

It could but I would say it could be because your ovulating.

Will a pregnancy test tell you are pregnant if you have missed your period for 8 weeks?

no it can't tell you if you missed your period for 8 weeks

Can you test 2 weeks before missed period?

Home pregnancy tests are designed to be used AFTER your missed period. Using it 2 weeks before a missed period could skew the results.

Period 2 weeks late sensitive nipples slight nausea on and off could you be pregnant?

yes you could. only a pregnancy test will say, not wikianswers...

When I took a urine test at the doctors office before my missed period and it came back negative now my period is 2 weeks late I 've had slight cramping and my nipples hurt could I still be pregnant?


In how many weeks will i know if im pregnant?

you will have a missed period.

What age does the sensitive period last among cats and dogs?

The sensitive period among cats and dogs lasts about 12 weeks. This is an approximate time frame and can be about 14 weeks.

How many weeks after your missed period until your due date?

40 weeks or nine months.

How do you calculate when she was impregnated?

well, think of when she missed her first period....then count back 2 weeks and there you go. this is the case since ovulation typically occurs 12-16 days after your last cycle. and then about 2 weeks after that you have your period. so just take when you missed your period and count two weeks before whatever the first day your missed period could have started....

If you dont have a period how long should you wait to take a pregnancy test?

if your talking about you not having a period all together and not just a missed period then wait at least two weeks and then take a test some test are more sensitive so you can take them sooner but i did research and it told me to wait at least two weeks

Can you feel nauseous 2 weeks before your missed period?

I get nauseous when you don't miss your period.

Missed period for 8 weeks blood test negative why?

If your blood test was negative I am afraid you are not pregnant. There is some other reason for your missed period.

How long after a missed period can you take a pregnancy test?

from the day after you realise its missed, to the next 3 weeks in the cycle...

Nipples are sore 2 weeks before period is due Pregnant?

no dude, you are ovulating

How do breast implants feel in the early weeks of pregnancy anything specific or different?

Extra sensitive nipples; always erect

Can you tell you are pregnant b4 your missed period on a ultrasound?

No. Typically it takes somewhere between 3 and 5 weeks after a missed period for it to show up on an ultrasound.

How soon can you take an accurate pregnancy test?

2 weeks or after the missed period.

When is the soonest time to test if your pregnant?

2 weeks after your 1st missed period

How soon are pregnancy symptoms experienced?

Your first sign of pregnancy is typically your missed period. Symotoms, such as breast changes, begin to occur within the week of your missed period or it could eve be 1-2 weeks after the week of your missed period.

Missed period - are you pregnant?

A missed period is not always indicative of pregnancy. There are several reasons a period can be missed; however 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). Some females miss a period for weeks and then have what they think is a very heavy period when in fact it is a miscarriage.

Can you take a pregnancy test 2 weeks before my period?

You can, but you will get a false reading. Wait until you have missed your period.

Can an obgyn find out if a female is pregnant two weeks before your missed period?

Possibly. Assuming you conceived just after your last period, and it's been two weeks. But really, such tests are hardly worth doing until you've had the first indicator, which is the missed period.

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