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That is just the color of your fishes scales,it does not really mean anything, why do some people have blue eyes and some people have brown eyes its just a distiction of that fish.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-19 23:38:04
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Q: What does it mean if your tropical fish has blue on its tail and body?
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What does Betta mean?

It is a kind of tropical fish.

When do pink tropical fish have baby's?

This depends on what you mean by a pink tropical fish - there are different types

When does your pink tropical fish have baby's?

This depends on what you mean by a pink tropical fish - there are different types

What is the difference between tropical fish and marine fish?

The word tropical simply means that something is from the tropics; ie, near the equator. There are two kinds of tropical fish; tropical freshwater and tropical marine. When someone says 'tropical fish' in a pet store, or in the context of an aquarium, they generally mean tropical freshwater. Marine fish are simply fish that come from the ocean, ie, they are saltwater fish.

What does it mean if your tropical fish has white spots on it?

it has ick

Are seahorses tropical?

Assuming you mean tropical fish as freshwater, then no. There are no specimens of seahorses that are tropical. There are, though, some freshwater pipefish.

Tilapia is a tropical fresh water fish what does this statement mean?

Tropical freshwater fish are fish from the tropics (water temperature around 78-80F) that live in lakes and rivers, instead of the salty ocean.

Can tropical fish live with a heater?

I think you mean without a heater but if you dont the temp for the average tropical fish is 19 degrees celsius to 30 degrees celsius. coldwater fish will survive with a heater if its at a low temp and so can tropical with a heater at a low temp.

What does it mean when you dream of a person catching two blue colored fish?

fish mean fertility

What does it mean when you dream about a blue fish bitting you?

You are delicious

How do you say blue fighting fish in Japanese?

青いベタ /a oi be ta/ would mean 'blue betta/fighting fish' in Japanese.

What does it mean to dream of a fish head?

it mean dead body and loss

What does a blue koi fish tattoo mean?

A koi fish tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize bravery, romance, strength, power, luck, and friendship. A blue koi fish symbolizes calmness, and peace.

What does it mean when you dream about tropical fish?

There are so many mythological and symbolic associations with fish that it is difficult to pinpoint any single meaning to this dream. Very generally, tropical fish tend to be regarded as beautiful, relaxing and calming, so this dream might express the dreamer's peaceful, calm feelings.

What does it mean when you dream of big black fish swimming around you?

It could mean that you have had a bad encounter with a fish, or a body of water before.

What does Dreaming of swimming with blue and purple fish mean?

it means you're going to die. you're going to jump off a bridge into waters with blue and purple fish. sorry

What does it mean when someone dreams about fish?

There are too many different possibilities to suggest a single meaning. Dreaming of a fish steaming on a platter ready to eat would mean something completely different from a dream of a school of fish swimming in the ocean, or of colorful tropical fish in an aquarium, and so on.

What does it mean when you can see blue veins in your body?

That you are a human.

Is flounder a flat fish?

Yes, a Flounder is a flat fish. If you mean Flounder from 'The Little Mermaid', the yellow sand blue fish, then no, he is not flat. (Although he is not 3D)

How many fish can you put in your 65 gallon tropical fish tank?

Assuming you have proper filtration, you should abide by the one inch of fish per five gallons of water. This would mean a total of 13 total inches of fish.

What does it mean when your husband dream of fish?

A meaningful response is impossible without more information. What was your husband doing with what sort of fish? This dream could be about anything from deep-sea fishing to keeping a tropical fish aquarium to roasting fish on a spit.

What does mean when somebody had a heart attack and the color is blue and gray?

the color of their body???...if that was the case then it would mean whatever part of their body was blue gray didn't receive any blood

What means mega piranha?

Mega, from Greek, means "big". A piranha is a carnivorous tropical fish witth very sharp teeth. That would mean a big one of those fish.

What does dry mean temperate or tropical?

tropical :)

What does tropical weather mean?

Type your answer here... it means dry and warm it also involves a body of water

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