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I suggest you ask the person who did the ultrasound as I have never heard this.

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Q: What does it mean that placental reaction is seen all around in the ultrasound?
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What does the word placental mean?

"Placental" describes a placental mammal.

What does unremarkable scrotal ultrasound mean?

The scrotum is the sac around the testis and the ultrasound test that was done showed nothing abnormal. Everything is fine.

What does B GEN-M mean on an Ultrasound?

B GEN-M mean in ultrasound

What does placental mammals mean?

Mammals whose young are nourished by a placenta in the womb and are born able to move around independently. Pouched mammals are non-placental and their young must live in the pouch till developed.

What does AC mean on ultrasound?

On an ultrasound, AC means Abdominal Circumference.

What does HC mean on an ultrasound?

HC on an ultrasound means Head Circumference.

What does eutheria mean?

Eutherian - of or having to do with placental mammals

What does MI means on a ultrasound scan?

what does the term MI mean on a dogs heart ultrasound

What does red and blue color indicate on abdominal ultrasound?

what does red ,blue and green mean on your ultrasound

What does mean xx mean on an ultrasound picture?

Presumably 20.

What does Gn on ultrasound mean?

gn -3

What does lk sag in an ultrasound mean?

sag means sagittal (the plane the pictures was obtained in ) Depending on what kind of ultrasound you had LK might mean left kidney.

What does ultrasound mean?

Ultrasound simply means that the sound is too high-pitched for the human ear to pick it up.

What does it mean when an ultrasound shows mineralization around the baby's heart in the image?

Mineralization around the baby's heart on the ultrasound can sometimes be seen in healthy pregnancies and often resolves before delivery. It may indicate a chromosomal abnormality, so your doctor may test for chromosomal abnormalities if he or she has not already done so.

What does xx mean on an ultrasound picture?

Presumably 20.

What does B GEN M mean on an Ultrasound?

Its as boy

What does it mean when a liver ultrasound shows mild echo dense?

It means that the ultrasound has found an area of abnormality that will need to be further diagnosed. Possibly with a biopsy. It does not mean that there is cancer, but it could mean that there is a mass or tumor present.

Ultrasound said babys belly was smaller than head what does this mean?

I had the same thing happen during my ultrasound today and am looking for answers.

What does ivc-wnl mean on a stomach ultrasound?

IVC WNL on an abdominal ultrasound likely means the inferior vena cava appeared normal.

What does hypoechoic mean?

Hypoechoic means less white on ultrasound.

What does sag left mean It says that on the baby's ultrasound?


What does the medical abbreviation TVs mean?

Transvaginal ultrasound (sonogram)

What does RVT mean after doctor's name?

They specialize in vascular ultrasound

What does it mean when everything around your vagina gets swollen?

Infection or an allergic reaction I would guess.

What does it mean during pregnancy when you have a ultrasound and they can see a sack but do not see the baby?

It can be one of two things either you are not far enough along for the baby to appear on ultrasound or you have miscarried, which in that case you would have been made aware of when they did the ultrasound.

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