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What does it mean to hit pay dirt?

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1. pay dirt means a mine rich in gold or other valuable ores, or a profitalbe discovery. 2. so hit pay dirt means to succeed.

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When you "hit the dirt," you slap it with your hands as you dive to the ground. You generally "hit the dirt" when there is something dangerous flying around (like bullets) and the safest place to be is lying flat on your face. Soldiers use this expression a lot during a battle, as do the police if there is a shoot-out.

You see dirt on the ball because it hit the dirt on the ground.

No such thing, someone has to pay for it.

They do throw the balls out that have hit the dirt after it has been hit. Fielders finish the play and throw it back to the pitcher, and he will throw it back to the catcher to give to the umpire.

Meaning ofI believe it may mean "to damage someone's reputation in a malicious way". See the translations for the idiom "do someone dirt" on this webpage:dirtAnswerI assume you mean "Do you dirt" not "Do your dirt". Do you dirt means to damage your reputation or treating you badly.

The dirt causes the baseball to have more movement when the next pitch is thrown.

no you have to pay brand new what gave you that idea

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it could mean trouble and sorrow ahead of you

The answer will depend on the depth to which the dirt is spread.

loosely means im going to hit you.

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The phrase "caked on dirt" usually means that wet dirt has gotten on an object or person and dried and it is now caked on and cracking. Essentially, if something has caked on dirt, it is very dirty!

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