What does it mean to pigeon hole legislation?

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The term "pigeonholing" is used to mean that a committee will ignore a pending bill by placing it aside, as if in a cubbyhole. The term comes from the small compartments used for domesticated pigeons when they are nesting.

Another modern synonym is to "bottle up" a bill in committee.

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WHAT IS The meaning of pigeon feathers?

Using the words, 'pigeon feathers' is an interjection. It is theequivalent of saying things like, hogwash, baloney, or nonsense.

What does legislative mean?

The term "legislative" is the adjective form of the noun legislature (law-making body). The term applies to groups that "make laws", as in the US Congress or the UK Parliament. Legislative bodies are usually made up of elected representatives from states, provinces, or territories, who are called ( Full Answer )

What means of legislation?

Legislation is the process of getting bills ratified. The processhelps eliminate problems the bill may have that will decrease thechances of passage.

What does legislative capital mean?

L egislative Capital (Cape Town) where the legislature (The National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces) meets to make laws A dministrative capital (Pretoria): where the government and president (who is both Head of State and Head of Government) perform administrative/executive functio ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to pigeon hole something?

The term "pigeon hole" or "pigeonhole" can describe a small open space (cubbyhole) used for any purpose (storage, sorting, and so forth), taken from the small enclosures used to contain nesting pigeons. Used idiomatically : . A pigeonhole is also a category, especially one that is too specific. . ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of legislating from the bench?

\nLegislating from the bench is another way of describing when a court overreaches their Article III (...in the Constitution, Separation of Powers...) authority and creates law. The court's job is to interpret the Constitution and apply law (either from Congress, the Constitution, or common law) to ( Full Answer )

Does a cold pigeon egg means its dead?

A cold pigeon egg does not neccessarily mean that its dead. Until incubation starts, the egg will be left cold, once incubation starts the egg can chill for as long as an hour or more if the weather is not too cool, and it will still hatch.

What is the definition of a pigeon hole?

Usage of the slang term pigeon hole : . The term "pigeonhole" can describe a small open space (cubbyhole) used for any purpose (storage, sorting, and so forth), taken from the small enclosures used to contain nesting pigeons. . A pigeonhole is also a category, especially one that is too specific ( Full Answer )

What does pigeon grade mean?

Pigeon Grade, as used in firearms, specifically shotguns, is a term for a higher level of fit and finish - both mechanically and appearance wise for a limited number of guns. Pigeon grade guns are more valuable than regular production guns or Sporting guns. Recently some manufacturers have further s ( Full Answer )

What is the pigeon hole theory of tort?

The "pigeon hole theory" w.r.t torts refers to Salmonds theory that any 'harm' in order to constitute legal injury must fit into pre-determined 'pigeon holes'. This is in direct contrast with Winfield's theory of all civil harms being actionable.

Meaning of labor legislation?

Labor legislature refers to the relationship that employees havewith their employers. It attempts to solve conflicts and laborunion disputes.

What does in the hole mean?

Used in Golf, usually shouted after a player hits a shot. Meaning they want the ball to go in the hole.

Pigeons and there spiritual meaning?

The most common interpretation for Pigeon is found in tea leaf reading where finding a pigeon means - News from abroad.

What is the meaning of the sally's pigeons song?

Cyndi explains the meaning of this song in the Idiot's Delight radio interview. The pigeon metaphor refers to temporary freedom. "Sally's pigeons" would fly freely during the day, but at night they would always return to their cages. The idea of temporary freedom carries over to the experiences in ( Full Answer )

What does it mean if you dream of dead pigeons?

If you dream of dead pigeons only once, it may be that you saw one and it was just recorded in your psyche. If you have recurring dreams of dead pigeons, it may be that you don't have enough sympathy for simple creatures.

How were pigeons used as means of communication?

About a thousand years ago, Passenger Piegons(now extinct) wereused for communication by famous people such as Napoleon and Julius Caesar.They trained their piegons to come back when released. They wrote a message on apiece of paper and tied the message onto the piegon's foot. Then they let it go.Wh ( Full Answer )

What is pigeon hole problems?

Learn to "pigeon hole" problems. Pigeon holes are small compartments in which pet pigeons can make nests. When you pigeon hole your problems, you keep them in the situation in which they occurred. For example, suppose you had a dreadful day at work. The machine you ran broke down and you didn't acco ( Full Answer )

What does pigeon holing a bill do?

It automatically kills the bill. pigeon holing is just a way of saying that they ignored it (and it went away -if only everything was that easy, right?)

What is the symbolic meaning of a pigeon in meditation?

There are at least two schools of thought about this type of experience. Some schools, such as various Native American traditions, will assign various meanings to different images: wolf, eagle, pigeon, etc. Other schools, such as Zen Buddhism, will suggest that all images, thoughts, ideas, and ( Full Answer )

What does the president vetoed the legislation mean?

It means that the President has not accepted the legislation even though it was passed by the Entire House of Representatives. The Veto can be over ridden by a 2/3rds majority of the Congress- Then the legislation is passed into law.

What does dockers mean in pigeon English?

There is no such thing. Pigeons cannot speak. I wonder if you'reasking about Pidgin English, which is a non-standardized crossbetween English and another language.

What does a pigeon tattoo mean?

It means you're dirty and you live in the city, if it has 2 legs. A pigeon tattoo with a wooden leg makes you a dear friend.

What is the symbolic meaning of pigeons?

Peace. In greek mythology Aphrodite the goddess of beauty, peace, and love has a pigeon as her symbol. White pigeons represent the holy spirit in Catholicism.

What are the generalisations of the pigeon hole principle?

this is the person who asked the question. there are 3 questions: a) Mr Wong bought some presents for his pupils in his class. He bought some pens, erasers and files. Every pupil is allowed to choose 2 presents. What is the least number of pupils to ensure that two of them will choose the same ( Full Answer )

What does establish legislation mean?

--verb (used with object) . 1.. to found, institute, build, or bring into being on a firm or stable basis: to establish a university; to establish a medical practice. . 2.. to install or settle in a position, place, business, etc.: to establish one's child in business. . 3.. to show to be v ( Full Answer )

What does pigeonism mean?

Pigeonism is describes as either Verbal, Physical or Sexual Abuse toward a pigeon of any species. Many people who have gone abroad to Portugal should know that pigeons populate a lot of the country and are constantly being abused by emptying their waste onto peoples jackets or newly bought iPad 3's. ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of legislate and execute?

To legislate is to bring into being a law, rule or regulation to enforce or prohibit some act within a society. To execute has several meanings depending on context. To kill to, carry out a set of instructions or complete an act are some definitions.

What is the spiritual meaning of a white pigeon?

The spiritual meaning of a white pigeon to many represents Holiness due to its color white which is considered pure and some times repentance in times of offerings. Although many mistake it to represent peace which a dove represents.

Is legislator and senate means same?

Legislator and senate doesn't means same. "Legislature" means similar senate but not same. The senate is legislature but not all legislatures is senate. Legislature be deliberative body that make law. Senate is usually upper part of two-part legislature. U.S. Senate are part of U.S. legislature (is ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of release the pigeons?

In a pigeon race, all pigeons are gathered and taken to a location to be resealed. The release of the pigeons is recorded so to calculate the speed. The cages are opened in a race, is what they call pigeon release.

What does it mean if a child dreams about pigeons?

Birds in general can symbolize flight and freedom. There is no special significance to dreaming about pigeons. The child might find the birds interesting and fun to feed. An older child might be interested in pigeons as a hobby or simply as attractive animals.

What does it mean if a pigeon preens a human?

To preen just means to groom the feathers. Birds may do this to their young and possibly other birds. If they like you, they might try to do this to your hair.

What does set the cat among the pigeons mean?

If you have a flock of pigeons on the ground, and you release a cat into the middle of them, you are going to have one heck of a turmoil, as the pigeons all try to get away and the cat tries -- and probably succeeds -- to bring some of them down. "Setting a cat among the pigeons," thus, is the ac ( Full Answer )

When do pigeons decide to make pigeon holes?

Pigeons decide to make pigeon holes because they need a place to live that is away from rain and wind where they can lay eggs and raise their young. This allows them to do that.

What does stool pigeon mean?

What to know the idiom "stool pigeon" mean? Here is the answer. To stool pigeon . A police informer. . A person acting as a decoy. SYNONYMS Spy or informer .

What does it mean when you see a pigeon on your window?

It means : Pidgeons don't understand glass. The pidgeons original intent was to enter your room thru thewindow. The glass pane in your frame is sturdy enough to withstand theimpact of a pidgeon. You have an injured or dead pidgeo now, that you'll have to takecare of.

The meaning of bicameral legislative?

A legislation split into two different branches. In the UnitedStates, the legislative is Congress, which is bicameral (split intotwo groups). One branch being the Senate and the other the House ofRepresentatives.