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What does it mean to see a black shadow rat?

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It,s time to call in the exterminators.

Rat is usually a sign of treachery, deceit, fear, a nagging doubt, or loss. I would take it as a warning, of the possibility of up coming danger and be prepared. Fore warned is fore armed, so keep your eyes and ears open. You may experience a theft or deliberate attack and if you are ready for it can avoid physical harm or great loss. Do not do anything foolish, things can be replaced, life can't.

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What does it mean when you see a black shadow running?

For sure that is divil or bad ghost

What does it mean if some one see a black shadow and snake?

Nothing of any significance

What does it mean to see a rat?

It means you saw a rat!

What are the hand signs for shadow possession jutsu?

Rat See the related link below.

What does it mean if you see your shadow self?

if you see your shadow it means you blocked a light ray

What is the scientific name of house rat?

This depends on what species of rat you have in your house. In Europe and North America, the two main types of rat are the Brown rat and the Black rat. The Brown rat is the type you commonly see as pets. The scientific name of the Brown rat is Rattus norvegicus. The scientific name of the Black rat is Rattus rattus.

What does it mean if a groundhog doesn't see his shadow?

If a groundhog doesn't see his shadow it means that spring is on its way!

What does it mean when the groundhog does not see his shadow?

we ill not have winter

What does it mean if the groundhog did not see his shadow?

Early Spring!

Why do you see your shadows at night?

Your shadow is the result of your body intercepting light on its way to a target. You can see your shadow because there is some light still. A street light or the moon for example. If it was pitch black, you would not be able to see your shadow.

How do you be like shadow the hedgehog?

lets see how to be like shadow well stay out of the sun and love the darkness and lets see hmmmm oh and dye your hair black and red. and that's you be shadow the hedgehog ^^

What does it mean when you see shadows?

It means that an object obstructs light ray and light cannot reach the part that is covered by object eg: ball. We see black patch, this is called shadow

When a groundhog does not see his shadow what does it mean?

If a groundhog does not see his shadow then there will be an early spring.

What does it mean when you see a white shadow?

If you see a white shadow it means that someone good is going to come into your life, it means happiness will happen to you.

What does it mean if the Groundhog doesn't see his shadow on February 2nd?

According to tradition, if the groundhog does not see his shadow, we will have an early spring. If he does see his shadow (which scares him back into hibernation), we should expect another six weeks of winter.

Where are the best hiding spots inside?

Boiler cupboards Cupboards Behind black-out blinds(no shadow) Make sure people can not see your shadow

Are there black baby rats?

Baby rats, or rat pups are typically born pink and naked. After a week you can see dark areas of skin indicating they will be a dark color. When their fur comes in, they can appear jet black, but often this color changes with adulthood. Even the species of rat known as a 'Black rat,' or rattus rattus, is at most a very dark brown. The brown rat, rattus norvegicus, is the type most of us own or see in pet stores. They come in a huge array of colors, but true black is unheard of. In the rat-breeding world, the closest color to black is called 'Self-black' and is a deep brown the color of dark chocoate.

What does it mean if the groundhog does not see his shadow?

there wont be six weeks of winter

If the groundhog see his shadow what does mean?

There will be an extra 6 weeks of winter.

What do you mean by shadow?

the thing that follows you everywhere, even if you dont see it

Does a translucent object form a shadow?

The shadow is not a solid 'black' colour. It can be the same colour as the object and the shadow allows you to see through it more than an opaque objects shadow. An opaque object would block the light but a translucent object would give a shadow that you could quite easily see through

What breed of rat is the best to have?

There are 3 main types of domestic rat. ~ Brown rat/Lab rat: Rattus Norvegicus ~ Black Rat: Rattus Rattus ~ Gambian Pouched Rat: Cricetomys gambianus Depends if you want a big rat, medium rat, or small rat. The Gambian isn't available everywhere. The Brown rat is a very common one, & there's a few variations. Do some research on each, & see which is of interest.

When will you get to see shadow in sonic unleashed?

shadow isn't in sonic unleashed... unless you mean sonic's 'were-hog' form if that's what you mean, you see him when you are in most of the gaia gates or in the nighttime stages yes he is at the end of the game

What does it mean if you see a shadow without a person?

It most likely means that you are hallucinating.

Did the groundhog see his shadow 2013?

No ,the groundhog did not see his shadow

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