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What does it mean when a boy always says hi to you every time he sees you?


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Maybe he's just being nice to you, maybe he wants to be your friend. But if he says it EVERY time..Maybe he has a crush on you and won't say it.

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This does mean that she likes you, and that you make her happy.

Usually it means that someone sees themselves in you.

what do u mean? who does she like?

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This normally means that she is just wanting to be friends.

It usually means that he sees you as a friend and he's just being polite, but he's not interested romantically. unless he plans to break-up with his girlfriend

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it means she really likes you! she likes when she gets to see you or be around you.

He will flirt with you every chance he gets. Also just about every time he sees you he will start smiling very hard!! And if you and him have to do something together and someone says something says something and he stands up for you that's how you will know!

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