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What does it mean when a boy flex his muscles and stares into your eyes and some one is calling him and he's not listening?


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2010-12-23 02:18:29
2010-12-23 02:18:29

It means he's trying to get your attention in the hopes that you'll be impressed with his immature display. If you don't just shoot him down and wound his ego, given a little time, he may be able to approach you like a human.

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He got lost in your eyes. The only thing that existed to him at that second was you and him. He was overwhelmed, overjoyed, and could not compute any thing else. He likes you enough to prove to you that he is brave enough to stare into your eyes.

this may mean that he feels attracted to this girl and is feeling love from the first sight or this may mean that he suddenly entered a case of day dreaming

it means she either likes you or or thinks your eyes are pretty

Her focus is on you in the room and wants to know if you notice her without her making it obviou.

Stares means having a fixed looked at something (usually with amazement) with eyes wide open. Gazes is the other word that can be used instead of stares.

It probably means that they think your pretty or that you have great eyes

Sounds to me that he's really into you.

Listening w/your eyes and ears and focusing completely on the commuicator, looking at his or her eyes and facial expression and getures.

he's flirting with you... or hes lost in your eyes and wants to be with you

no they stare at you like a pedofile stares at a kid

A man stares into your eyes because he might think you have the most beautiful eyes.

There are a lot of muscles around your eyes that help them to move, but the eye itself isn't a muscle.

How you know is he stares at you and looks you in your eyes. And he makes you laugh.

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