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clean rad & cond at the car wash see if that wont help

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Q: What does it mean when a car overheats only during idle RPM with air conditioner on?
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What does it mean when a car overheats only when you turn on the air conditioner?

your cooling fan is not operating correctly

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"Idle" can mean two things: idle speed, and idle mixture. Both of these are on the carburettor. Idle speed is adjusted via a screw that is on the throttle control cam. Turning this screw will change the RPMs of the machine at idle. The idle mixture changes the amount of gas that flows during idling, and can be changed by a screw inside a round recession on the bottom of the carb.

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You could be leaking coolant, your blower fan might not be working, etc.

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if you mean engine fans,then a quick way to test is,if your car has air conditioner start engine and let idle turn on air conditioner and turn interior fan to high,this will,or should make your thermo or engine fan operate,if it does not you will have an electrical fault,ie fuse,fan motor ,relay,

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