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What does it mean when a company goes limited?


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when a company fixes the maximum liabilty of its members it is considered as being a limted company by share or gurantee.


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limited company that mean under taking of governmet.

Limited company. Meaning their liability is limited by shares or guarantee.

A limited company is a corporation, In legal terms the company or corporation is a separate person from its investors. If it goes bankrupt, its investors lose their investment but cannot be pursued for the corporation's unpaid debts. Their liability is limited to their investment--hence, "limited" company.

Limited Liability Company.

The formation of a limited company makes the company an entity in its own right with its own liabilities. If you are a partnership and the company goes bust you and your partner are personally liable for any monies owed. If the company is Limited then it is limited to paying the investment into the company and its assets to its creditors should the company fail.

Property LimitedNo. It stands for Propriety Limited, as in a private company as opposed to a public company.

Yes you are correct. Limited means limited liability for the owners or principles of the company. It does not however limit the liabilities of the company itself. only the principles personal assets are protected.

A company where liability is limited to the members. There are three kinds of limited company: private company limited by guarantee, private company limited by shares, Public limited company

A private limited company is a private company whose shareholders have limited liability. As a private company, its shares are not publically traded and shares are held only by investors. These investors are only liable for their original investment in the company.

It is a company where the investors will only lose a limited amount, normally what they put in, if the company goes broke. They are protected from having to pay out more than their initial investment. There is therefore a limit on their liability.

It stands for "limited" A type of 'Limited' company or corporation under the law of many Commonwealth countries or of US states. A modern variant is the "limited liability company" (LLC).

Ltd is an abbreviation for Limited Liability; a limited company has limits to its liability; if the company goes bankrupt, or is sued, the liability does not extend to the shareholders in the company. A non-limited company; usually sole traders or partnerships, has unlimited liability - if a plumber floods your house, he is liable and you can sue him. Most non-limited companies have insurance to cover this kind of eventualility.

So Emily cant find Joe. No really its to stop the owners from losing their house if the company goes bankrupt :P

A limited company is a company with limited liability. As per the company law, a company is legal entity and can have assets and liabilities. In India, we have two types of Limited companies i.e. a public limited company and a private limited company. A public limited company has its shareholders as public and a private limited is owned and governed by an individual or a group of individuals.

Perseroan terbuka(limited liability company)

BIFCOL is the Bangladesh Industrial Finance Company Limited.

Partner of Limited Liability Corporation or Professional Limited Liability Company

public limited company

PLC stands for public limited company, or in the U.S., a public company. PLC is a type of limited company whose shares may be offered for sale to the public. Linda @ Discount Telephone Marketplace

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