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What does it mean when a guy says hi to you every time he sees you?


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Nothing, he is just being polite.

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Maybe he's just being nice to you, maybe he wants to be your friend. But if he says it EVERY time..Maybe he has a crush on you and won't say it.

Dogs bark every time it sees you because they are your dog. They have a connection with you.

I'd be careful, how well do you know this person? He might simply be being friendly but if it's everytime you meet it does seem a bit odd. How much older is he.

Either he likes you, or when he does bother you, you give him such a entertaining reaction that he cant help it.

He will flirt with you every chance he gets. Also just about every time he sees you he will start smiling very hard!! And if you and him have to do something together and someone says something says something and he stands up for you that's how you will know!

It means he is interested in you, likes what he sees so far, wants to spend time with you because he likes what he sees so far, and wants to know more about you to see if the relationship can grow into something.

It means he took you seriously and is therefore avoiding you and your wrath.

That he probably wants to continue the relationship, and maybe marry you when you're older.

He's Not in love with you and he's stupid enough to think he can love you in time. or if you give him a lot of sex!.

It means he has a serious problem with alcohol and/or other substances. Get away. Run, don't walk.

that doesnt attomatically means he likes you. you might just make him smile. but that also might mean that hes started to like you. :)

The answer is Shay. Its amazing you didn't catch it since that nerd who likes her calls her by it every time he sees her... i mean, if you watch ICARLY. Not "ICarlie".

I'm a guy all guys do that it says that they like you.

he probably likes you and gets nervous when you discover he's staring at you OR he was surprised to see you staring at HIM.

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