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maybe he was trying to get close to u and maybe try and start a relationship and u might have given him some kinda reaction that he may have thought that you were not interested. try getting close to him and if you want a relation hsip out of it it will come to u.

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Q: What does it mean when a guy treats you like you are a close friend and he obviously wants to be around you but then he suddenly backs off and is less friendly?
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What to do when your best friend suddenly starts avoiding you?

If your friend suddenly starts avoiding you then obviously something is wrong. If there avoiding you then invite them to your house to hangout and then talk to them about whats going and tell them know matter what it is you'll help them through it.

What does it mean if a boy is a close friend then suddenly he is shy around you?

He is growing up and now noticing you as a woman (as well as a friend).

My friend asked my man to hang out alone?

ask her about it! it's not right and she obviously fancies him. tell her to stop getting so friendly with him. or ask your boyfriend.

What does the phrase a friend to all mean?

Obviously no one can really be "a friend to all" persons. But, the phrase is often used to describe someone who is friendly, approachable, helpful toward a wide variety of people, etc.

What is a friendly letter?

A friendly letter is a letter to a friend

If someone is friendly with you and you friendly with them does that make them your friend?


How do you know if a guy just likes you as a friend?

you could ask him, or see if he acts friendly around you.

What is friend as an adjective?

Friend as an adjective is friendly.

What is the prefix to friendly?

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Why does one friend suddenly ignore the other one day?

It depends on what the other friend did to the friend.

Is a person who always mocks you a friend?

In my opinion, someone who mocks you or makes fun of you obviously doesn't respect you like a true friend. So, no they're not technically your friend. Friends will often mock each other, in a jovial spirit or simply ebcause that is the nature of their friendship. So, while this person is obviously not a perfect friend, they are still familiar with you; whether they are friendly depends on the situation surrounding how and when they mock you.

What is the adjective for friend?

The adjectives related to "friend" are friendly and friendless.

How do deal with a best friend who always blows you off and lies and is always boring and negative but only around you?

Replace them. They may be your best friend, but you are obviously not important to them.

Why have my birds suddenly stopped coming around?

i guess they are scared of somthing or someone scared them thank that is what happened to my friend

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What word starting with the letter h means friend or friendly?

Friend: homeboy, homegirl, homie Friendly: hospitable, helpful

What to do if you hate your best friend?

Then obviously he/she is not your best friend. You should be real with your "best friend."

What is the friend adverb?

The adverb form is friendly, in a amicable manner. For example: He seemed friendly. The word friendly is also an adjective: He has a friendly smile.

How do you know when your friend brother likes you?

When you keep catching him looking at you or he suddenly starts acting like a dork when you're around or starts ignoring you.

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