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What is there to wonder about? This ex obviously doesn't want to be around you so let him/her go.

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Q: What does it mean when an ex tells you that you were a huge disappointment as they thought you were a good person with character only to find out you were mean?
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Why is thought tracking a good technique to use in drama?

thought tracking is good techique to use in drama because it tells you how the character feels instead of you guessing. it tells you in more detail of what the character is thinking.

What is thought tracking in drama?

Thought Tracking is where a character steps out of a scene and tells the audience his thoughts or feelings.

What is a spoken thought in drama?

a spoken thought is when a scence is frozen and a only one character tells the audiance how she/he feels.

What do you call the person who tells the story but is also the main character?

I'm not sure, I think they would still be called the main character. Maybe the first person main character or the POV (point of view) character.

What is the character in a story that tells their own individual story called?

They would be the first person narrator.

How does the speed with which romeo makes his decision tell about his character?

It tells us that he is a bold and courageous person.

What is the definition for third person point of view?

3rd person point of view is when you talk about the person you are reading about and explain what they are going through in the story 3RD PERSON POINT OF VIEW IS WHEN THE CHARACTER TELLS THE NOVEL AND IS A CHARACTER IN THE NOVEL AT THE SAME TIME

What is the all-knowing point of view?

Third-person omniscient, when the narrator tells the thoughts of any character, not just those of the main character or characters.

What does it mean when someone calls tells someone that they are exotic?

Exotic is a way of telling a person that they are unique, or different in character.

What is it when the author tells the reader directly in the narrator's voice what a character is like?

Third person, I think, is what youare looking for.

What is a direct character?

It is when the author tells you about a character in a story through other character...

The one who tells the poem is called a what?

The expression "tells the poem" is not idiomatic English, which means that it has no accepted meaning. It could mean the main character in a first person narrative. Or it could mean the author, the person who wrote it. Or it could mean the person who is reciting it out loud.

What is the pov of a story?

Its either First person ( where the character tells everything in his view) and/or omniscient or third person ( when the narrator tells the story using pronouns, such as he, she, and they). Examples: First Person: I went outside thinking there will be snow this morning. Third Person: He went outside thinking there will be snow this morning.

What is the form called when a character or narrator tells a story within the story?

third person point of view Frame story

What is a good name for a cat girl character?

Here's a link to a good character name generating website for you. Writers must choose their own character names, not use what some anonymous person on the internet tells them to do.

How can you understand the person in front of you without talking?

A person's thought can be understond by his movement,what he is looking for,in what thing he is interested,his face tells everything

In a story told form the third-person limited point of view the narrator?

tells only what the character thinks and feels

The person who tells you the tale?

The person who tells you a tale is usually a narrator.

What do you call the person who tells the story?

The person who tells the story is the Narrator.

The person who tells the story is called?

The person who tells the story is the narrator.

Who tells the story the westing game?

Ellen Raskin, the author. Although she's not a character. It's third person omniscient point of view.

What is the term for the character who tells the story?


Should we be so concerned with the private life of a politician or political candidate?

To some extent. If a person is using drugs, is a thief , and other things it reflects on their character. A person who has demonstrated poor character in the past should be a concern to voters. The private life tells us who the person is not what he/she wants us to see.

What is it called when a character in the story tells the story?

Ir's when the story becomes an autobiography. This would be the case of a first person narrative - the second most popular narrative form after third person narrative.

What tells you that this sentence is written in the third person?

There is another answer on an alternate version which is โ€œits uses the pronouns he and his when referring to the characterโ€