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Most likely the credit card company wrote off the debt. However it will show on your credit as a write off, and your credit is still negatively affected by this. You did not receive a get out of jail free card.

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Q: What does it mean when an outstanding account balance is closed on your credit report and the balance is shown as zero but you did not settle the debt from four years ago?
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How long does it take for credit card accounts to be closed if they have not been paid?

If a credit card account has an outstanding balance that is defaulted on, the account will not be closed. The account will be charged to profit and loss, or sent/sold/assigned to collections, either internal or external.

Which account would be closed by posting a debit to the account?

The closing process seeks to reduce the balance of each account that needs to be closed to zero; therefore, the closing entry must reverse whatever balance the account already has. This means that any (temporary) account that normally has a credit balance will be closed by posting a debit (and vice-versa). Revenue is an example of an account that must be closed with a debit, since it is normally a credit account.

What does chase balance transfer stand for?

A balance transfer is the transfer of balance in an account or a credit card to another account.It also refers to transfer of outstanding balance from one credit card to another credit card.

Can a credit card company report a 30 day late on a closed account that still has a balance?

If a credit card is closed it cannot have a balance. Just because you have stopped using the ard you cannot declare the account closed. If you owe even one penny, the account is open and the credit card company can 'report a 30 day late'

Can you transfer a balance on a closed credit account?

No, However it may be possible to pay off your debt with a credit card.

Why did your credit card payment reflect in your outstanding balance but not show up in your available balance?

Because you may have changed the account to a savings :L

Can a credit card company keep adding interest on a closed account?

Yes, until the account balance is paid in full.

Can a credit card continue to allow automatic charges on your account after you ask to have the account closed?

Not if you ask them to close it in writing and you have NO balance.

Will a credit card company accept a lower payoff for a balance if the account is not past due but closed?


When does accounts receivable have a credit balance?

If an account has a credit balance the customer must have overpaid on their account or a credit was issued by the company and posted to the customers account, resulting in a credit or negative balance.

Can a creditor close a revolving line of credit account without notice when the account has been in good standing?

Yes. If you have no balance due or outstanding charges.

What will happen if you close a credit card that has an outstanding balance?

You can close a credit card account at any time, regardles of whether there's a balance left on the account. If it's not past due, you simply make regular monthly payments. If it's delinquent and the creditor hasn't already closed the account for you, you'll probably also make monthly payments on the balance. In some cases of severely delinquent accounts, you can agree to pay one final lump sum, usually less than the total amount owed. However, this will appear unfavorably on your credit reports, as will "account closed by credit grantor". Regardless, it's probably a good idea to close the account, particularly if it's delinquent.

Is outstanding Liabilities can debit balance?

Outstanding liabilities has credit balance as normal balance but it can also be debit balance in case outstanding liabilities has paid more than actual amount of liabilities.

Can you include your negative checking account balance in bankruptcy?

Yes, you can include your negative checking account balance in a bankruptcy. Be aware that your account will be closed and this will ruin your credit with this bank and potentially other banks.

Why is a capital account has credit balance?

The normal balance in a capital account is a credit. Capital is a balance sheet account. Assets = Liabilities + Capital

What is the meaning of debit balace in income and expenditure account?

Debit Balance- means outstanding balance, meaning you need to pay it! Credit Balance- means you have over paid.

What does Closed-Credit Grantor mean on a credit report?

It means that the account was closed by the company that granted the loan or credit. An example would be Chase closing a customers credit card (with or without a balance) due to inactivity, poor account performance, or due to a decline in the customers financial health.

What is a retail balance?

A retail balance is the current outstanding balance that a credit card (account) has excluding any other transactions such as cash withdrawals and levied charges. It is basically the outstanding balance from all purchases made at retail outlets/stores, be it physical or virtual (on the net).

What is debt?

Outstanding balance in your loan account or credit card account that remains unpaid beyond the due date. It's the debtor's obligation to repay such dues to the creditor.

Will your credit rating be affected if you cash a bounced check from someone else?

As long as you pay the bank fee (usually $3-10) and do not allow your account to go into overdraft status, your credit rating is not affected. Even an overdraft does not affect your credit unless your bank account is closed and you leave an outstanding overdraft balance due. At that point, the debt will likely be reported to credit bureaus, resulting in a drop in your credit scores.

Is Fees earned is decreased is it debited or credited?

The Fees Earned account has a credit balance. This means that you credit the account to increase the balance, and debit the account to decrease the balance.

Can you close your checking account if you have a balance left on your VISA card?

Yes. Closing a checking account when a credit card has outstanding balance shouldn't be a problem. The bank would expect payment on their card promptly on the due date irrespective of whether you have an account with them or not.

Is your balance on a consolidation loan calculated based on outstanding balances or revolving credit?

The balance on a consolidation loan is based on the outstanding balances of your debt, not on the total amount of your revolving credit lines.

Is any credit balance in a vendor subsidiary account an unpaid balance owed?

Any credit balance in a vendor subsidiary account ia an unpaid balance owed?

What is the normal balance of a liabilty account?

A liability account normally has a credit balance.