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I'm assuming that one of your brake lights is not working , if this is a message being displayed in your Explorer

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2008-05-03 01:06:55
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Q: What does it mean when it says check brake lamps?
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Why does the brake light on dash says on 1995 Chevy truck?

check you brake fluid level.

Daytime running lamps not functionin?

i must recomend that you check th fuse located under the hood that says something bout running lamps

What does it mean when it says check abs?

ABS stands for Anti-locking Brake System. The warning lets you know that something may be wrong with the ABS. Generally, this means there is a problem with a sensor. It may not be serious, but it always is a good idea to have a mechanic check brake issues.

2005 ford escape ltd ABS light says on?

Check your brake fluid level.

How do you get the brake light to stop coming on in a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

I am thinking you mean the light that says brake on the dash, check you parking brake handle, if it is not going down all the way it will come on, also there is a switch there to detect the brake handle, this may need adjustment. Secondly, the brake fluid reservoir will trigger this light when the fluid is low.

How come your dashboard brake light has come on in your 1990 Honda Accord?

check your brake fluid and if that's ok your brake pads'Answer:If the light says "Brake Lamp", it means you have a tail light bulb that needs to be replaced.

What brake fluid do you use for a 1996 corolla dx and how do you check if its enough?

The way to check the level of your brake fluid is to remove the cap on the brake fluid reservoir and read the dipstick. There may also just be a line on the reservoir that says 'Full.' If your brake fluid does not reach that level, add type DOT 3 brake fluid.

What does the red light that says brake mean in a Toyota Avalon?

It usually means that your e brake is on. I noticed it comes on when your fluid is low. Before topping off check your pads because if they are low the extra fluid will shoot all over your engine when you do change them.

I have a 1995 BMW 325i and I'm getting a brake light circuit message on my display panel. What does that mean?

If it says 'Brake Light Failure' or similar, your brake light is out. change the bulb.

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How do you check the brake fluid level on a 99 Subaru Forester?

To check the brake fluid level on a 99 Subaru Forester, you need to open the hood and locate the brake fluid reservoir. This is located on the master cylinder. There will either be a dipstick in the reservoir, or a line embossed on the side that says 'full.' If needed, add DOT 3 brake fluid.

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