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the locks are just big metal doors and there is a person that has the remote to control the opening and closing.

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Q: What does it mean when it says that the panama canal has locks and no keys?
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How was the Panama Canal maked?

Do you mean "How was the Panama Canal made?"

What Physical Characteristics made Panama a poor choice for a canal site?

mean to Panama

Does Mexico have a canal?

You mean like the Panama or Suez canals? The answer is no.

What does PCS mean in shipping terms?

Panama Canal Surcharge

Do you have to pay for your boss's keys if you lose them?

If you mean the keys to a business, then the management usually has insurance to cover the replacement cost of keys and locks.

Who is the rightful owner of panama?

The people of Panama. Panama is a sovereign country, so it is not 'owned' by anyone else. Should you mean to ask: Who owns the Panama Canal? the answer is: it is owned by the Republic of Panama and managed by the Government agency called the ACP (Autoridad del Canal de Panama).

What 2 bodies of water connect panama canal?

I think you mean what two bodies of water are connected by the panama canal, that would be the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

What does gran mean?

It means, 'great work' like building the Panama Canal, or the Pyramids in Egypt.

What does Gran trabajo mean?

It means, 'great work' like building the Panama Canal, or the Pyramids in Egypt.

Name of the longest canal in the western hemisphere?

panama canal ... most definitely not the panama canal which is less than 100 miles in length, Erie canal is somewhere around 360 miles, does not mean this is the longest, but it certainly is the longest that I am aware of St. Lawrence seaway is somewhere around 2500 miles long but is not just a canal, its a mixture of canal, lake, river, and others that im unsure of

Was panama the first choice for building the canal?

No, Panama was not the first choice to build a canal across Central America. Nicaragua was actually debated about first because of a lake in that region. Having the lake there could mean less land had to be moved.

Why should US have control of Panama Canal?

Yes because we payed big bucks for it and we built it! Just because it is on Panama's land/territory doesn't mean we can't control it!

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