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Either they are deliberately being evasive , or you are asking questions that may be too personal. Ask if you are prying, and if you are, please apologize.

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Q: What does it mean when people give indirect answers to direct questions?
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What is the difference between direct democracy and indirect democracy?

direct democracy is when each person rules and indirect is when people vote for people who rule.

Is degree a indirect or direct object?

It kind of depends on the sentence, but typically it will be a direct object, because indirect objects are usually people or animals.

What are 4 examples of indirect democracies?

Direct Democracy: People represent themselves. Indirect Democracy: People elect representatives to represent them. :)

What type of person avoids direct questions intentionally?

Answers Liars, users, and people abusers. People whose intentions are not sincere. They have something to hide.

Why do people post questions here instead of looking up the answers on the internet?

people ask questions here because most of the time people get a direct answer than having to search through links like on google

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Different people answer a questions, so the answer is MANY people answer your questions you post.

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No. The answers to questions are not programmed; the answers come from people that want to give their time to give the answers to questions.

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Why do you accept questions if you do not answer them?

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What answers what and whom?

The answer to "what" must be a noun or a pronoun that refers to things. It could be the subject or direct object of the sentence. Ex. What ingredient is needed for the cookies? Sugar is needed. (Subject.) What is he buying? He is buying a car. (direct object.) For whom, the answer is going to be a person or people, and it will be the direct object of the sentence. (The answer for who would be the subject.) Ex. Whom are you taking to the dance? (Notice how you is the subject.) I am taking Bruno. (Bruno is the direct object of the sentence. (For who-- Who is taking Bruno to the dance? Bruno is still the direct object. I am taking Bruno. I is the subject.)

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