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What does it mean when someone does you a favor with no strings attached?

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That they won't ask for anything in return. It means they don't want anything in return. But be nice and see if you can help that person in any way.

2006-08-07 20:22:45
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What does NSA mean on dating ads?

"No Strings Attached" NSA Abreviation For No strings attacheD used alot in searching for NSA Dating

What is a booty call mean?

It is when someone you aren't formally dating calls you late at night in order to have sex, no strings attached.

What does unconditionally mean?

It means with no conditions, or 'no strings attached'.

What does NSA mean in texting?

It means No Strings Attached

What does no strings mean in a relationship?

No strings attached means that you are dating someone, but without an exclusive commitment. Basically each person has the freedom to see other people but still be a part of the relationship together.

What does NSA mean in internet slang?

In internet slang it usually means "No strings attached."

What does it mean if you take a job with no strings attached?

it means you can leave it at any time there are no obligations to stick to it.

What do the abbreviations AA and NSA mean in personal ads?

NSA = No strings attached AA = African American

What is the gay term nsa mean?

It's not just gay, nsa is no strings attached. Sex without commitment.

What does gives gifts mean in the bible?

It means giving a present with no strings attached; with no thought or implication of payback or reciprocation.

What does it mean when your girlfriend says that we are friends with benefits?

It means that they only want to be sexual and not have any strings attached. As in no emotional baggage.

What does it mean if you dream of strings attached to your fingers?

One possibility is that the strings represent control by another person or outside influence, such as a puppet being controlled by strings. A different possibility might be "strings tied around a finger" in an effort to remember something. The dreamer's challenge is to determine how these strings relate to the dreamer's present situation in life.

What does the idiom polish the apple mean?

To seek a favor from someone through flattery

What does 'Extends help and service without cost' mean?

It means that assistance is offered free of charge. There are no strings attached to the help that is given.

What does it mean to have a friend with benefits?

Having a friend with benefits insinuates a friend whom one can have sexual relations with "no strings attached." There is no mutual committed relationship.

What does NSA mean in personal ads?

No strings attached--the writer of the ad is looking for a casual sexual relationship without any interest in a dating relationship or commitment.

We have a great connection with sex just not going to a relationship he wants no strings attached. Does this mean that you can do some things together.?

Answer You can do whatever you want, just be sure that you do it safely as he wants no strings attached ,so if you get pregnant, he's not going to be there for you so practice safe sex no matter what he says, as if you do get pregnant, he's gonna be gone in a flash.

Would it be inappropriate to ask a Libra girl that you have been dating for five months for casual sex with no strings attached when you know Libra girls are very flirty?

Yes, it is inappropriate. There is a huge difference in being flirty and having casual sex. If a guy I had been dating for five months asked me to have have sex with no strings attached, I would take the "no strings attached" to mean "If you get pregnant, I won't be around" or "I want to have sex with you and do whatever I want, including seeing and having sex with other girls." I would promptly (right then and there) dump the guy and find someone who has more respect for me or just be by myself until I did. You do have to be admired for wanting to be straightforward about your desire and intentions, though.

What does favor mean in greek?

To do something to someone in a good will, to offer and item or a service for free or in reduced cost.

What does it mean when a guy says there cant be feelings involved?

I would of thought it meant they want a more of a physical, no strings attached relationship. Therefore they do not wish to fall or be in love.

What does the abbreviation 'NSA mean in personal ads?

'NSA' means "no strings attached" - in other words, a one-time date, rather than an ongoing relationship.

What does the word favor mean?

An attitude of approval or liking. or Feel or show approval or preference for or there is like doing a favor for someone act of doing something out of will, or kindness hope it helps hun!

What do the colours on the strings of a harp mean?

Harp strings are color coded so that the player can identify what strings to pluck. The C strings are red and the F strings are black, arranged in octaves like a piano.

What do you mean by percussion and non percussion instrument?

percussion in no strings and non percussion is with strings

What is the word favor mean in spanish?

Favor in Spanish means the same as in English. To say "por favor" (for favor) means please. "A favor de" means in favor of. "Da me un favor" is do me a favor.