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What does it mean when someone wants to makeout with you?


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If someone wants to make-out with it is just kissing over and over and it means he likes you as in like likes you.

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It means that he only loves you and only you and he wants to prob makeout with you Answer He loves you.

does he look at ur lips alot and talk about makeout in general if so then he wants to

it means that your either going to get a heavy makeout session, "lucky" or she wants to b naughty

call the guy and ask to kiss him

if he looks at your mouth a lot..gets realy close to you..or seems like he wants to make a move

It means to kiss (prolonged kissing).

it could mean other than these things. a) she wants to kiss/makeout with you. b) wants to tell you something important. c) is pissed and wants to set you up for something (bitch slap, slap, kick in the groin, punch....) d) a but more

If mean she/he wants you as a girlfriend/boyfriend

Someone wants to chat with you on Twitter.

It means someone wants to see you

well, you kiss alot and put your tongue in the other persons mouth.(:

i think that you should be about 14-15 to make out.

It means that he wants to get over their relationship. It dpends on the situation, but it could mean that his girlfriend broke up with him and he just wants to forget about her.

No he did not makeout with his mum

She wants you to be there for her to help her through whatever she's going through. She wants you to be there for her to be someone to give her that extra push and to be someone she can go to, to have a conversation about anything. Someone who helps her out with her dreams hopes and aspirations. == ==

no! That's againts wut god wants fer all of the children of his. Peace n amen!

It means she wants you as her boy toy until she finds someone better and dumps you.

it means your not putting out enough and he wants to sleep with someone else,

Mina makeout, the scene queen, is from England.

someone who is just a taker, or never really wants to pay ect.

Yeah. If you really mean it , i mean it's good to know that someone wants you to be safe when you travel.

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