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What does it mean when the battery light is on on a 1996 Ford Taurus?

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2011-11-29 18:19:31

"Bad_alternator_or_voltage_regulator" id=

"Bad_alternator_or_voltage_regulator">Bad alternator or voltage


It means that you have a charging system fault, and probably a bad

alternator or voltage regulator. Some cars have the regulator built

into the alternator but I am not sure on your car if it's built in

or is a separate component. Most Pep Boys, Auto Zone, O'Reilly's or

other big "chain" auto parts or repair place will check that for


in my case the dash battery light came on when started ,in

idle,goes off when accellerator pressed higher rpm. also had noisy

pulleys. so i changed the old tensioner assembly,a new one about 55

dollars,cleaned using a brush with engine cleaner, the pulleys.they

seemed a bit greasy, replaced my serpentine belt ,with a new dayco.

well the noise was gone and the battery light stayed off when

started. i do have a new starter,a new battery,i also had my

alternator checked said it was good. this may help someone.

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