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The tail lights and the stop lights work off of different circuits. The stop lights work when the brake pedal is depressed while the tail lights work when the light switch is turned on. Look for a burnt fuse or a bad connection.

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Q: What does it mean when the brake lights work on a 2006 Escalade but the tail lights do not work?
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What does it mean on the dashboard when it lights up the word brake?

Parking brake is on, Brake fluid is low, Hydraulic failure of the brake system.

What would make the brake lights work on a 2000 dodge 1500 van?

If you mean the brake lights are stuck on, then check the stoplight switch located on the top of the brake pedal.

What does it mean when the brake lights stay on and will not go out?

It sounds like you have a faulty micro switch on the brake pedal.

Why is a 2002 Honda Odyssey back lights are still on van turn off?

Assuming you mean brake lights, the brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment.

Where in the trunk is the controller for the brake lights located in a 1991 Toyota Corolla?

If by 'controller' you mean the switch that makes the brake lights come on, it is not in the trunk. It is located underneath the dashboard, next to the brake pedal.

What does it mean when the brake and battery lights come on in 1988 Toyota corolla?

Do you mean What does it mean when the brake and battery lights come on in when it is already started? Check your alternator may be its not working well it cause the battery sign comes out.

Why do your brake lights stay on on your citroen c3?

Brake lights on can mean no brake fluid, worn out brake pads, faults in the master cylinder. Must take your car to the garage immediately. Worn out brake pads can damage the discs which are expensive to change.

What does it mean if the brake lamp lights up?

Low brake fluid level - due to leak or worn brake pads Parking brake not fully released

What do the dashboard warning lights mean on a 2006 Ford F250 diesel supercrew?

lights on a f250 a wreanch what does it mean

What does it mean when the service indicator with rear lights appears and remains on a 1999 Lexus RX300?

One or more of the brake lights or tail lights are burnt out.

What does it mean when your brake light stays on?

if you mean the brake light on the dash... fill your brake fluid as it's probably low If you mean the brake lights outside the car, your switch is shorted and needs replacement, or you need to lift your foot off the pedal

What does it mean when it says check brake lamps?

I'm assuming that one of your brake lights is not working , if this is a message being displayed in your Explorer

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