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That's your Traction Control. It's technically called ETS - Enhanced Traction System. There are only a few circumstances where the "Trac Off" (aka traction off) light will come on, which, of course, means your traction control system is turned off.

The reasons it will come on:

If you're driving in 1st or 2nd gear (assuming your car's an automatic; I don't know if this is the same in sticks), or if you have your emergency brake on while the engine is running.

Sometimes the "Trac Off" light might come on if you're on a VERY bumpy road, but it won't stay on for long - at least it shouldn't. If the "Trac Off" light comes on and stays on and you're NOT in 1st or 2nd gears, and your emergency brake is NOT in use, then you need to get it looked at because that's not normal.

The "Low Trac" (aka low traction) light will come on when you're on slippery roads and your tires start spinning. That's normal. It helps limit wheel spin. It'll go off again when your tires find traction again. I experience this most in snow and ice. Also, on rainy roads, if I'm stopped at an intersection and then pull out a bit too fast & the tires start spinning, the "Low Trac" light will come on briefly, but will go back off once I gain traction again. Again, if this, too, stays on constantly even in dry road conditions, you need to get it looked at because it's not normal.

That answer probably did help, but there's certainly more. The question doesn't state a year model, but around the 200-2005 models the traction light will come on if (1) one of the 4 abs sensors is bad, or if the wiring harness to those sensors is broken. They are bad for broken wiring harnesses to the abs. AC Delco (and probably others) sell a plug to replace the factory plug to the abs wheel sensor and it has about 2-3 feet of wire as a pigtail. You'd be looking for the wire that plugs into the hub assembly if that is your problem, it runs along the a-frame inside a protective sheath.

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Q: What does it mean when the low trac and trac off signals turn on?
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What is wrong when the trac off light abs light and low tire light are all on continuously the tires are fine the trac button does not turn the trac on brakes are ok?

Problem with the ABS.

What does the multifunction switch do in 1999 Dodge Intrepid?

Turn signals, wipers, high/low beam

What does it mean when the light Low Trac on a Chevy Camaro turns on?

96 Z with ASR. First time I saw it was right after I bought it on wet pavement. Low Trac means loss of traction.Take your foot out of it or you'll see the "Hold On" light...

What is Control Trac mean in 1997 Ford Explorer?

In a 1997 Ford Explorer : Control Trac is Fords name for the 4x4 system , with the 2 speed transfer case ( it has a LOW RANGE that can be used off-road )

What does it mean when the low trac light comes on in my 97 Chevy cavalier?

it means that your tires are spinning or your in first or second gear its just telling you that your traction control is readin that you have low traction

What does a 2001 ford explorer sport trac fault code P1120 mean?

Trouble code P1120 means: Throttle Position Sensor A Out Of Range Low (Ratch too low)

What is a lo trac indicator?

The low trac light in your car means your vehicle has low traction. The wheel sensors have detected wheel spin and the engine power reduces to prevent wheel spin.

What is low trac?

Low Trac means Low Traction. if the light goes on, it means your car noticed that your wheels are spinning. Especially in winter, slow down and let your wheels grip the road. Spinning tires will make ice beneath it.

What does it mean when the abs trac and check tire pressure lights are on?

It probably means your tired pressure is low and your traction control is not working properly (or thinks it isnt) because of the low tire pressure.

Will a sport trac stall if the oil is low?

Only if it's so low that the bearings ovrheat and sieze the engine.

What does it mean when the low trac light comes on in an olds mobile intrigue?

that means the traction is low. your tires are slipping. check to see if you need tires. or might be a slippery road perhaps even snow.

What would cause a trac off warning light?

This light will come on when you turn the Traction Control off, or if there is a problem with the system. I would check your front wheel bearings. Are any other lights comming on, low tire pressure anti lock brakes? or maybe pressing the trac button under the shifter

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